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Eber’s Wine and Liquor Tishrei Sale

Picture of the Day: Three Generations Learn Together

At a city-wide father and son learning program hosted by The Bayt in Toronto last Motzei Shabbos, three generations study Torah together: Rabbi Chai Cohen, his son local Shliach Rabbi Yirmi Cohen, and grandson Mendy Cohen. “It was one of the happiest moments of my life as a father,” Rabbi Yirmi Cohen told

Mothers and Daughters Unite for Melave Malka

The lights were dimmed, the tables beautifully set, as women and girls entered into the warmth of Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia’s first annual Mother Daughter Melave Malka held at Chabad of the Mainline. From start to finish, the evening was a huge success that truly brought the feeling of unity and Hakhel into the Cheder community.

Rabbi Benny’s Weekly Torah Thought: The One With the Police Chase

Rabbi Benny Hershcovich, Shliach in Cabo S. Lucas, Mexico, delivers his brief and hilarious thought on this week’s Parasha, Beshalach. This week Rabbi Benny answers the question: Why did G-d tell the Jews to keep quiet and leave it all to him while the Egyptians were attacking them at the Red Sea, but told the Jews to go out and fight when the nation of Amalek attacked them in the desert?

Shuky Releases New Single – Libi

So unique it won’t fit into any category. A mix tailored to your audience. A sound so varied it will be like never before. A fixture in the New York-Florida-France-Israel community for over 15 years, Shuky Sadon has created a wide variety of music experiences at hundreds of weddings, concerts, private events and festivals.

Here’s My Story: Chivalry on the Upper East Side

Jules Lassner was an influential businessman and community leader in Bogotá, Colombia, and New York City, serving for many years as president of Cong. Orach Chaim on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. A Marine Corps veteran who fought in World War II, he was interviewed by JEM’s My Encounter with the Rebbe project in his home in Manhattan in January of 1999.