Weekly Story: The Rebbe Cried with Them

by Rabbi Sholom Avtzon

Once when a chossid (the person who told me this story believes it was Reb Chaim Gutnik of Australia) entered the Rebbe’s room for a yechidus, he was startled to see that the Rebbe’s eyes were closed, and it was discernible that there were tears coming out from the Rebbe’s eyes.

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Photos: The Shluchim’s Pan Kloli

One of the highs of the Kinus Hashluchim is when the Pan Kloli [general pan] is read at the Ohel. On Friday, all of the Shluchim attending the Kinus signed the Pan Kloli, requesting improvement in world economy, strength to increase the number of Chabad Houses worldwide, spare us from tragedy and to take us out of Golus and bring Moshiach.