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OK Kosher and Kehilla Kosher Announce Merger

Two major Kashrus organizations announced their decision to merge. New York based OK Kosher and Los Angeles base Kehilla Kosher will be operating together as one entity.

OK Kosher and Kehilla Kosher (Los Angeles) today announced their decision to merge the two organizations. The merger agreement was approved by the respective corporate boards with support of the community rabbinic advisory board of Kehilla Kosher.

Kehilla Kosher welcomes the opportunity through this merger to further its service mission in Los Angeles retail kashrus, in regional industrial kashrus, and beyond.

OK Kosher is recognized and highly regarded as a global leader within the kosher food certification industry, and provides certification services on six continents.

With headquarters in New York and regional offices around the world, Rabbi Don Yoel Levy leads a team of highly-skilled and highly trained staff with more than 300 of the world’s leading kosher experts who ensure the highest standards of kosher compliance tailored to each of the thousands of establishments OK Kosher certifies.

As a symbiotic endeavor, the merged entity will be greater than the sum of its parts. With this merger, OK Kosher gains a leading, cutting-edge, West Coast regional Vaad HaKashrus partner to enhance OK Kosher’s mission of advancing kashrus around the world.

“We are all thrilled about the unique opportunities this merger will create of benefit to consumers, as well as manufacturers” OK Kosher said in a statement,


  • 6. who cares? wrote:

    We need Kashrus organizations but the price has become outrageous. It’s time to dial this all back

    Hechsheirm have invaded all aspects of Yiddishkeit, causing the kosher consumer untold expense.

    And sometimes we have to pay for 2 or 3 hechsheirim on the same product.

    This is in addition to untold machlokes and turf wars.

    We all want to keep kosher l’mehadrin. But don’t guilt us out into paying exorbitant money for this service.


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