Picture of the Day: Impromptu Memorial at Sassoon Home

An impromptu memorial materialized yesterday at the home of the Sassoon family in Flatbush, where seven children died in a fire last Friday night. Mourners left flowers, candles and well wishes in front of the boarded-up and barricaded home, along with a front-page clipping of the NY Post that reads “Goodbye Angels.”

Raskin’s Fish Enters Final Round for ‘Best Neighborhood Institution’

Raskin’s Fish Market has been serving fresh seafood to customers since 1961 when its owner, Shlomo Raskin, first opened for business. Between ice beds full of fish and refrigerators stocked with prepared foods — including Raskin’s own brand of gefilte fish — customers line up to order, careful to avoid slipping on melting ice and fish slime. It’s part of the charm!

1,000 Berlin Families Receive Aid for Pesach

The Chabad Jewish Educational Center in Berlin prepared around 1,000 Pesach packages, with Matzah, kosher wine, gefilte fish, vegetables and other foods for the holiday. These packages were shared with those families which due to their financial situation could not afford celebrating Pesach properly.

Op-Ed: A Call to Action

by Hershel Belkin

We all know the importance of having smoke detectors in our homes, but unfortunately most of us don’t know enough about them. How many times have we heard about smoke detectors having dead batteries? Or no batteries? Or missing entirely?