Moments Before they were Killed, Soldiers Photographed Putting on Tefilin

They were three friends, fighters in the IDF’s armored brigade, who served together for months, waiting for their turn to go into Gaza and fight the terrorists. But at that moment the worst happened: a mortar shell fired by the enemy exploded nearby and killed all three, along with another soldier who was nearby.

Op-Ed: Multi-Battlegrounds in the ‘Disengagement War’

by Aliza Bas Menachem

The current war in Gaza did not have to happen. It is a result of the actions of the Israeli government and its supporters, including American backers, and complacent Jews in Eretz Yisroel and abroad. This war is one of the grave consequences of The Disengagement Plan, i.e., the expulsion of Jews, both soldiers and residents, from the Gaza Strip, and the resultant predictable empowerment of Hamas.

Chasidic All-Female Rock Band Seeks Broader Audience

‘Bulletproof Stockings’ is a Chasidic all-female alt-rock band led by Dalia Shusterman and Perl Wolfe of Crown Heights. In a profile published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, the band members, who perform to women-only audiences, said they consider themselves alternative rockers who are ‘Chasidic in musical flavor.’

Photos: CGI-Poconos Comes to a Close

Camp Gan Israel in the Poconos has just completed its first successful summer on its newly acquired 83-acre campus. Over 50 girls from Panama, Virgin Islands, California, Florida, Arizona, Texas and the tri-state area enjoyed 4 weeks in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, where they gained a deeper appreciation of their Jewish heritage and a stronger Jewish identity.

Boy Marks His Bar-Mitzvah by Aiding Needy in Israel

Instead of having a party, Joseph Ezon found a better way to celebrate his bar mitzvah. The Flatbush youngster traveled with his family and friends to Israel, where the group helped needy families by preparing food packages with Colel Chabad.