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Video: Uniting Jews Through Rambam

Why is Rambam specified as the uniting factor for all Jews? Rabbi Avrohom Shemtov delivers an impassioned speech explaining why the Lubavitcher Rebbe chose the Rambam for daily study. The Rambam united all 613 mitzvahs in his works, and our studying that unification together fosters peace in the world and specifically in Eretz Hakodesh.

Opinion: Is criticism of Israel Anti Semitic?

Sitting with an Imam on one side, a priest on the other and a Jewish anti-Zionist opposite was never going to make the question, “Is criticism of Israel Anti Semitic,” an easy one. That was the big question on yesterday’s BBC1 ‘The Big Questions’ program. The question emerged on the back of MP David Ward saying he’s surprised Jews haven’t learned the lessons of the Holocaust in the way they treat Palestinians.

by Rabbi Yitzchak Schochet

Third-Generation Bar Mitzvah at a 100-Year-Old Shul

It was a celebration for the ages, and of many ages in Ellington, Conn., when a synagogue celebrated its 100th birthday with the special birthday of another–the Bar Mitzvah of a boy whose family has been part of the congregation for four generations.