Comic: “Dad, Whats That?”

Caricature artist Yechiel Ofner drew up what tomorrows children may ask their father. With the advent of technology permeating deeper in our day to day lives, seforim and books may become obsolete.


  • Not Going to Happen

    since you can not use these high tech items on shabbos. Seforim and books will never be obsolete

    Although as a side note they do save a lot of space not having to have lots of book cases in your house
    and still have all the seforim in your device

  • never

    How could they possibly become obselete? Do you think people will stop learning on Shabbos??

  • Mendel

    Why do we have to read the tefilla from the phone? Why don’t they just add an option to text it?

  • E

    Part of the reason we have bayis molei seforim is so they stare us in the face and remind us to learn. That will never happen with technology.

  • weird

    I find it weird when I see people davening from technology devices. Just seems inappropriate. You can make all the excuses u want but its quite odd.

  • to No. 10

    I find it odd too, but then I recall that once upon a time bound books were also very odd new fangled things too. Those folks who liked their stone tablets and parchment or papyrus scrolls must have thought books were problematic. And, of course, there was great opposition to the printing press.

  • Old Fashioned

    I am wondering. What is the status of shaimos with computers and all the other devices having Torah on them?