Photo Gallery: Yeshivas Erev 5773 Gets Underway

This week hundreds of boys in grades 5-8 from all the schools in Crown Heights gathered for an extra hour of learning, from 7:00 to 8:00pm. The Yeshivas Erev program will continue throughout the year, and boys who attend on a daily basis will receive wonderful rewards and prizes.

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Brooklyn to Get Professional Hockey Team

After over 50 years of not having their own professional sports team to root for – ever since the Dodgers left in 1958 – residents of Brooklyn were overjoyed this year to welcome the Nets as the borough’s very own Basketball team. It is now being reported that the Islanders have decided to relocate from Nassau County to Brooklyn in 2015.

How I Got the Story of Chabad at Northwestern Wrong

by David A.M. Wilensky – New Voices

Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein, director of Chabad at Northwestern University, Illinois.

When I heard that the rabbi of a Chabad house on a university campus was in trouble for providing alcohol to students, I assumed that I didn’t need to hear any further details to understand what the story was.

Jewish Week Profiles Chabad of the Upper East Side

Rabbi Ben Tzion Krasniasnki with members of Chabad of the Upper East Side.

From time to time, various neighborhoods are featured in The Jewish Week. This week they covered New York’s Upper East Side, with the lead section profiling Chabad in the area, led by Rabbi Ben Tzion and Chanie Krasniasnki.