Murder on Campgrounds, Parents not Notified

LACKAWAXEN TWP, PA [CHI] — Last week Wednesday, July 15th a camp employee was found dead on camp grounds, and a police investigation determined it to be a homicide, and are seeking two other camp employees as suspects.

The incident took place in “Camp Chayolei Hamelech” located in rural Lackawaxen Township, Pennsylvania, the only part of this that is more troubling then the story itself was that parents only found out about the incident on Friday when the campers called home for their Good Shabbos calls.

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Video – Chabad Expansion Riles Some Manhattan Residents

Chabad of the Upper West Side is planning to expand into some Upper West Side brownstones, but it could come at the expense of some residents who say they’re simply being forced out of their homes. NY1’s Rebecca Spitz filed the following report.

Machon Chana Offers Classes During Vacation

Vacation Crown Heights offered continues programming throughout this week. Hundreds of women took advantage of this wonderful opportunity, as the program is attracting more and more interest. A full array of classes, workshops and courses has brought women together.