Murder on Campgrounds, Parents not Notified

LACKAWAXEN TWP, PA [CHI] — Last week Wednesday, July 15th a camp employee was found dead on camp grounds, and a police investigation determined it to be a homicide, and are seeking two other camp employees as suspects.

The incident took place in “Camp Chayolei Hamelech” located in rural Lackawaxen Township, Pennsylvania, the only part of this that is more troubling then the story itself was that parents only found out about the incident on Friday when the campers called home for their Good Shabbos calls.

Local press wrote about the story, one newspaper, the Wayne Independent, reported that “on Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at approximately 10:30 p.m. the body of an unidentified male was found in a cabin at Camp Chayoiel Hamelech, off Masthope Plank Road, Lackawaxen Twp., Pike Comity. The victim died from an apparent stab wound.”

The victim was reported to be a male of Eastern European descent in his 50’s and was part of the janitorial staff at the camp, the two being sought were reportedly his fellow colleagues.

One parent voiced her outrage in a phone interview calling the camp reckless and careless, for not reporting the incident to the parents, and for not properly screening their employees, “they put our kids at risk” she said.


  • madd in brooklyn

    All fun and play at the stolen camp used to launder money for yankle ha’ganev spritzer, but hey as long as it has the support of some of our“rabbonim” and “rabeim” all must be well, homocides, and burning bungalows are all just part of the routine, How long do you think it’s gona take for the camps “staff” to rush down pscychologist to help the children cope with this “tragedy”? or mabe they’ll just wait for the kids to get back and let the parents who sent them to the place to save a buck, deal with the nightmares and bed peeeing.

  • lubavither

    gam zu letovah. the parents should’t be notified about these things- their just gonna go nuts and start pulling their kids out of camp because of this one stupid murderer, and the rebbes capm is gonna lose money. so they definitely should not know.

  • concerned

    Why didn’t anybody notify us when it happed to reassure the public that everyones safe.

  • CH Resident

    dont they have a record on all the staff, i hope they dont jus take anyone off the streets. just see who’s missing an get him

  • scary

    I don’t understand how something like this went unnoticed, can anybody just walk on to camp property?

  • camper

    this camp seems to be constantly upgrading from Tornadoes, pipe bombs, to shooting, to bunks falling and now a killing!

    Seems like all the miracles happen in Spritzers camp.

  • good luck

    thats what happens when you get cheap and off the street people. to bad for the parents if they dont know the family who is runing the camp. thank hashem thats all that happend till now. hashem should bless the kids their.

  • parent

    What should have they done?
    Start getting ahold of all the parents upstate?
    They were probably busy with more important things to take care of.


    this camp has a history of putting our kids at risk.
    several years ago (under Spritzers management) one child broke his leg and there was no EMT on site.

  • In the know

    parent wrote:
    “What should have they done?”

    There is this NEW invention called I-N-T-E-R-N-T.

    and Yes, like every school or every other normal camp, there has to be a plan to reach ALL the parents in case of an emergency.
    common sense!

  • take it as a lesson

    when i was registering my daughter in camp emunah i saw them doing a background check on one of there cleaners.

  • Taking Responsibility

    in normal, responsible schools and camps all employees (Jews and non Jews alike) are screened. Everybody must get finger printed and have photo Id.

    Taking people who are “unidentified” puts all of us at risk.

    Could you imagine one of our children g-d forbid would have gotten hurt. Thank g-d they didn’t.

  • Murderer at large

    Murderer still at large, do they have a plan to prevent him from reentering the camp, do they even know who he is, anything.

  • COP- Campers On Patrol

    So now not only are the kids/campers scared of the buggy man out there in the dark forest, now the staff are shaking in their pants as well. That is very re insuring.

    I never imagined the day would come when campers and staff would have to be notified to always walk in groups on camp property.

  • no big deal

    he cares whats a murderer running around camp, really! is it such a big deal. maybe they can use him for color war, a play, something?

  • at large?

    is the killer still at large?
    is it someone that worked with him?
    if not, how did he get on to camp?

    how are the campers dealing with this?

  • mother-s camper

    i don’t think that they could do anything to join all the parents. barouch hashem nothing happened to our children, hashem is watching over them.

    this is not the fault of the administration things like this could happen, i am sure they will never put our children in danger!!

    so stop the blame and thanks hashem for all the miracle that happened every where even here in crown heights
    if you start putting blames so the list is long………….

    thank you to Rabbi Rothman and his wife the councelor and staff sorry if i forgot anyone. my boys are very happy they are having the time of their life.thank you for all your hard work….

  • Machne Menachem

    “One parent voiced her outrage in a phone interview calling the camp reckless and careless, for not reporting the incident to the parents, and for not properly screening their employees, “they put our kids at risk” she said.”

    You all got the warning!

    Baroch Hashem none of our children got hurt!

    This property is stolen property.
    There is a Ikkul on this camp.
    This camp is in middle of a Din Torah.
    Your checks to pay for tuition was used for Mesira (spilling Jewish blood) etc…etc…
    It’s never to late to do the RIGHT thing and take your child out of that g-d forsaken place!

  • cover up!

    The people running this camp would have liked nothing more then for this to never have gotten out to the public.

    There have been many stories that have been covered up in the past out of that camp.

  • omg

    this is awful. yes, the parents should be notified of ‘only’ a murder. a killing is a big deal.

  • yakov

    i cant say 100%i maybe wrong but im willing to bet the two other guys who are gone the camp did not have any ID on them to give the police.

  • CH Resident

    First of all, a comment like “lubavitcher” must come from a person that doesn’t have any kids in that camp. Only somebody like that can make such a dumb statement! If my child was in camp, I would want to know that there is a murderer walking around on the grounds!!! I don’t care what the camp is busy with, parents pay top dollar for camp. The least they can do is make the parents feel like their kid is safe!

    Secondly, I believe this camp is under new management, why are people are bad-mouthing the Spritzers? Don’t people have better things to do than just to find reasons to hate people? (For the record: I do not know the Spritzers)

  • safe as houses

    Since when was this the Rebbe’s camp? It didn’t exist until WAAAAAAAAAAY past Gimmel Tammuz!

  • mendel

    what exactly are the parents supposed to do, if they would have been notified? be worried and not sleep for a few nights?

  • Geepers

    I’ve heard personally from members within the camp that everything was kept under control. These things happen. Why is this being targeted specifically against the camp itself? I recall a specific incident years ago involving a child drowning in Gan Yisrael. The camp goes on. Pinning these tragedies to any particular party is uncalled for and irresponsible in its own right.

  • ATT: -in the know-

    there was NO EMERGENCY!!!!! this was just an unfortunate occurrence that had no connection to the campers. Why does everyone need to go so meshuga? Why scare the parents?????

  • B H NOT a CH resident

    Hey, maybe shpritzer killed him – he would be capable of doing that! He does whatever he wants anyway and he knows that moone will say “boo”. Just look what he’s done on emapire blvd. trucks in middle of the street, hi-lo crossing back and forth in traffic – it’s a wonder that nobody got killed there! and to top it all off he now got the city to take away some parking from the residents there somehow turning a residential block into a commercial loading zone… my point being that shpritzer is capable of getting away with MURDER in many different ways, so I wouldn’t put this one past him either (ntw – he’s also covered by the police so it’s legal for him).

  • Is THIS what the Rebbe is teaching us??

    How to handle emergencies:

    a] Assume no one will find out
    b] pretend nothing happened
    c] keep our eyes closed
    d] make sure our ears our stuffed
    e] put cotten candy in everyone’s mouth
    f] if anyone asks just tell them that a movie was being
    filmed on the camp site
    g] Make sure the rebbeim aren’t informed

    h] Send the kids out to do laundry at 12:30 AM motzie
    shobbos since it’s safer than being in camp

    i] in no way tell the campers to watch out, keep eyes open
    or travel only in groups

    j] Certainly don’t offer to the parent’s to send their
    children home, even if the camp WILL keep thier money.

  • Geeper

    I think it was very smart to try to keep it quiet and not to freak out the kids or parents. What happened was in their own house on the edge of camp grounds. It was probable an accident anyway seeing as the dead guy was nearly on his way out anyway. the other two ran for it and the stupidest move for them would be to return to camp, (so if you want to be safe from those specific two guys chayolei is probable the safest place to be, lol).

  • I am everybody who knows

    Geeper wrote:
    “It was probable an accident anyway”

    are you part of the investigating team?
    they have already concluded that it was a homicide.


    1. the killing of one human being by another.
    2. a person who kills another; murderer.

  • parent with my head in sand

    since when do parents need to know whats going on with their children, that is so old fashion.
    I mean, what are we thinking?
    I send my child out to camp and I let him know in advance, “Don’t call, don’t write, I don’t want to know a thing,when you get back after two months, you will tell me all about it”.

    I mean, why should I worry for my children?
    Who cares? People kill other people in camps everyday, it’s a fact! EVERYBODY knows that! no worries!

  • Here come the excuses

    “Secondly, I believe this camp is under new management, why are people are bad-mouthing the Spritzers? Don’t people have better things to do than just to find reasons to hate people? (For the record: I do not know the Spritzers).”

    Spritzer has been running this property for the last three years (07-08-09), and before 2007 he had it between 1996-2003.

    “why are people are bad-mouthing the Spritzers?”

    Because he is a Ganev and a mossier.
    the camp hes operating now is stolen.
    this is not the first time that something crazy has happened under his management (and as now they tried to keep it hush hush).

    “Don’t people have better things to do than just to find reasons to hate people?”

    Why is this called hate? anything you don’t like is called hate, any other opinion other then yours is hate?
    Where are people like you when people like spritzer, shmira and gang do mesira and steal from other Jews, where is your question about the “hate”?

    “(For the record: I do not know the Spritzers).”

    Why would you find it important to let us know that, what difference would it make whether you know him or not?

  • dl

    Yo, people! If I am not mistaken, this is the time for MORE Ahavas Yisroel? As my mother wisely taught me, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. PLEASE! Just because there is a space for comments, does not mean you have to use it.

  • blowner-s

    what are you talking about???
    the janitor is still chai v’kayom!!!

  • im sorry i didnt mean to do it.....

    hi my name is v*?#m and i didnt kill my freind!!! we were having a drink in the early morning and we had a bit to much to drink and i pushed him by mistake and he fell on his bed and i think died!from suffocation because he was to weak to get up from his pillow!!!so me and ^$%%$&$ ran off to parksville to try and get a job there!!! dont worry im not a killer im just an alcoholic! but dont worry everything is under control b”H and the camp is running better then ever!

  • Wonderful Life

    What a post! Commented by unemployed people in their boxers…Would have liked to see how the headline to this article would change if this was Gan Yisroel, NY.

    Message to all…Put your pants on, get a job and stop spilling your vitriol and pathetic misspelled comments.

  • Is THIS what the Rebbe is teaching us??

    Not ‘freaking out’ the parents is too late: one VERY freaked out parent (and one VERY MORE THAN UPSET AND MORE THAN ANNOYED spouce) here….

  • D.A


    A number of years ago I became aware of grossly irresponsible actions from several camp administrators and staff, It is a parents responsibility to think long and hard before sending your children off.

  • parent who cares

    TO: parent with her/his head in the sand!

    Are you kidding me? your comment seems like you dont LOVE or really CARE for your children as much as other parents do!!If my children were in danger {but they are not bc they are now safely in a diff. camp} i wouldnt say “why should i worry about my children” GOSH!!


    Wonderful Life wrote:
    “What a post! Commented by unemployed people in their boxers…Would have liked to see how the headline to this article would change if this was Gan Yisroel, NY.”

    B“H i sent my 2 boys there, i was there as a child too.
    the headline would be different you are right, it would look as follows…




  • Is THIS what the Rebbe is teaching us??

    The fact that soemthing horrible happened is one thing. Unfortunately it was set to happen then and there. The question is how we deal with it.

    Letting parents find out via stories on the internet is horrible. If the camp had simply let the parents know that something had occurred, the local police were already involved and taking care of it and the children were 100% safe, I would have felt far better.

    While it IS understandable that children need not know everything, why didn’t they at least give the campers simple rules to follow (not going out alone, reporting anyone they aren’t famialier with, etc). Why not get a few Shomrim to keep on eye on things and ensure camper safety??

    Still debating rest of summer.

  • me myself and i

    Nu! so how long will it take for camp to finally release a statement…

    and for all the other websites to try and cash in with hits and comments questioning the credibility of this website???

    or how about the blame game, when will we see how this whole story gets blamed on some one who has nothing to do with it.

    Honestly i cant wait for it to turn political and have everyone start too look away from what was done here, (or what wasn’t done) and say ah! im not getting involved…. blablabla


    When things like this happens,first of all Thank Hashem that no child was hurt!!
    Second, saying that “they deserve it…..” is taking a big chance that Hashem isn’t testing our UNCODITIONAL love for EVERY fellow Jew, G-d forbid to open ones mouth wishing it upon him, “evrey person has his time”.
    ONLY good news!
    P.S. WE DON’T SAY “YITAMU CHOITIM” (Sinners perish) rather “YITAMU CHATOIM” (SINS perish)

  • ChaimH

    And if they were screened, You think this would not have happened. They got drunk and did what any goy would do ….

  • Geeper

    To:I am everybody who knows

    “Geeper wrote:
    “It was probable an accident anyway”

    are you part of the investigating team?
    they have already concluded that it was a homicide.


    1. the killing of one human being by another.
    2. a person who kills another; murderer.”

    my whole sentence was “It was probable an accident anyway seeing as the dead guy was nearly on his way out anyway.” It was seriously a old man who could have died in a small domestic dispute. Yes the police still consider it murder but i doubt they were really out for blood.

  • happy

    to geeper; you bring workers to you camp YOU MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE.

  • To whoever said just a drunk

    How would you feel having your children in a camp where when the janitors are drunk, they are capable of killing?

  • messed up camp

    last year a kid got a concussion…the parents found out the next day (24 hours later)!!

  • hmmmmmmm

    i guess a guy that killed his dad for a few bucks,
    could kill a janitor for a few bucks!!!
    vehamavin yavin!

  • an unidentified male

    for me the issue is not how this happened, Im sure we all can agree that you can’t really control these things.

    What does disturb and and should everybody else is the fact that this camp employed people who are ‘unidentified’, that is stupid ans irresponsible (any way you look at it), and must of all put ALL OUR children at risk.
    There is also the fact that the two suspects in the case are also ‘unidentified’ and are still running loose.

    Any responsible institution would have a folder on each of its employees (even the Jewish one, Yes, even the Bochrim etc…), with photo ID and finger printing etc…
    Thank g-d nobody from our children was hurt, but thinking of the possibility makes me sick.

  • Mike

    to safe as houses:

    this is not the rebbe’s camp thats gan yisroel parksville, i think this is the one where the rebbe lives,

    btw i was in a lubavitcher camp where they took us back from a trip in the back of a uhaul truck, in the heat, anyone here remember?

  • I dont understand

    3 times a day this camp gets up and brazenly defaces the name of lubavitch and no one says a thing and all of a sudden when one guy kills another then we go oh no a “janitor” died but to denounce the Rebbe that is not a big deal. i am aphalled and embrassed at this websites association with these people we should be embarassed

  • Shooting on camp grounds with campers on

    Meir Hershkop
    Brooklyn, N.Y. 11225

    June 12, 2001

    Re: Machne Menachem vs. Hershkop et al 97CV2550

    To the Honorable Judge Glasser,

    We find it important to bring to your attention what happened on the camp property last Sunday afternoon, June 3. 2001.

    In light of the uncertain situation created by the lawsuit brought by the plaintiff. Yaakov Spritzer, we started to register and enroll campers for the coming summer. It was our intention to run the camp this year. To accomplish this we hired Bob, the caretaker that Mr. Spritzer fired last year. We gave Bob a contract for his employment this season. Meanwhile, Mr. Spritzer hired another caretaker to run the camp and proceeded to make Bob leave the premises through a lawsuit in the courts

    It should be of interest to the Court that the original restraining order (that was already revoked and voided) has been used against us in the Pennsylvania Courts. Yet again, Mr. Spritzer presented the restraining order to question our legal right to the camp. Because we were not a party to that lawsuit we were not allowed to present documents, evidence, or defense in the case.

    On Sunday, Mr. Spritzer’s caretaker and a work crew broke into an argument that resulted in gunshots and an arrest. The Spritzer’s caretaker drew a shot-gun and blasted the tires and windows of the camp tractor and also shot at the dogs that belonged to the work crew. In all 14 shots were fired by Mr. Spritzer’s caretaker. The Police were called and the caretaker was arrested. It is our understanding that the District Attorney of Pennsylvania has initiated criminal procedures against him

    The Court must be aware of Mr Spritzer’s irresponsibility in hiring his employees and his lack of caring for the safety of the children and we Thank G-d that this occurred before camp started.

    We want to take this opportunity to request that Your Honor finally rule on our case. We arc looking forward to your ruling, finally stopping all confrontation between Mr. Spritzer and the defendants, allowing the children to enjoy the summer.

    Respectfully yours,
    Meir Hershkop

  • No kids in THIS camp!

    To shooting on camp grounds:

    I read your letter. There was ANOTHER incident before camp, this time involving guns??? Are these people working there now? Did they have something to do with this murder?

    What was the Judge’s answer?

    I’m speechless. This is nuts!

  • yeh I agree

    I agree with the above.
    why r u even giving the camp credibility. u shouldn’t even post the name of the camp

  • In these hard times

    WHY CAN’T WE HAVE AHAVAS YISROEL????? WHAT IS SO HARD WITH THAT? Why is it that Hillel Hazaken said that Ahavas Yisroel is the basis of the Torah? Did he mean that for nothing? How could any one of you call yourself a frum yid? What makes you a yid? Do you follow the Torah? Obviously not. As much as this Spritzer guy may be in the wrong, you can’t forget the possuk: “Al tadin es chavercha, ad shetagiya limkomo” – don’t judge another person until you get to his place. Even in the secular court they have a rule: Innocent until proven guilty. In these sad times we should remember why we’re still in galus, and try to work on ourselves.

    To the editor: It would be much appreciated if you would screen your comments more. As far as I can see, you just publish whatever is sent to you; If you do “screen” the comments I’m afraid to see what wasn’t approved

  • Al tadin es chavercha, ad shetagiya limk

    “Al tadin es chavercha, ad shetagiya limkomo”

    Try having to come defend yourself against a viscous Mesira/Blood liable in Federal court.
    Try having a Project (in this case a camp) ripped out of your hand only to have the above Mesira to follow.
    Try having to defend yourself for year and years for something which is yours to begin with.

    Yes, I have stood with Spritzer…In Federal court..He being the Plaintiff and I (and some of my friends) the defendant.

    Funny, my friend, where were your all my life (specifically the last 14 years)?

    Spritzer only needs this camp to wash money (read Glassers verdict), he does not give a hut about the kids.

  • “Al tadin es chavercha 2

    Quotes from Verdict against spritzer: (don’t take my word for it, read the whole thing).
    …plaintiff Spritzer was then called as a witness…
    His testimony is revealing in several respects. A careful and critical reading of it corroborated in eloquent detail the testimony of Shmuel and Mendel to the effect that Spritzer arrogated to himself the management of the Corporation. His direct testimony is consistent with the testimony of the prior three defendants…

    …A careful examination of the returns for the years 1996-1998 give rise to questions to which answers that were less than satisfactory were offered by Spritzer…

    … One can’t help but conclude upon reading his testimony about the schedules submitted to the Bankruptcy Court that the information they contain is of questionable accuracy and the record of monies received and monies disbursed represent a haphazard hodgepodge of speculation….

    …The conclusion that is compelled by his testimony is that the affairs of the Corporation were conducted by Spritzer as though it was his personal fiefdom with occasional allusions to board approval at meetings which are nowhere documented and by resolutions which were adopted and action taken only because Spritzer divines that they were….

    ….The vigorous assertion by Spritzer that Goldman, Heber and Mendel breached a fiduciary duty they owed Machne Menachem by a fleeting involvement in Ohr Menachem upon which they embarked to provide a summer camp experience for some children of Crown Heights who would not otherwise have had it pales into insignificance when compared with the total disregard for the obligation of a director with which this record of self-dealing and financial legerdemain reeks…

    …Throughout his testimony, Spritzer asserted that meetings were held by him and Schreiber or by him, Schreiber and Spalter, at which corporate action was approved and yet neither Schreiber nor Spalter were called by him in support of those assertions…

    …I have previously alluded to the comparative breaches of fiduciary duty by Spritzer which, at the very least, makes his airing of them noisome….

    …The evidence established convincingly for this Court that what is alleged to be their abandonment was, instead, what I have analogized to be their constructive eviction by Spritzer….

    The foregoing findings of fact drive the Court to conclude that Joseph Goldman, Mendel Hershkop and Shmuel Heber are still, as a matter of law, directors of Machne Menachem, Inc.

  • anon

    rachmanus on the parents who’s kids are at this camp, i imagine they havent had a sleepless night since the incident, how could you?? This is just shocking, if something like this happened in australia the children would be sent home in an instance, what kind of camp continues with murders happening

  • No kids in THIS camp

    To answers:

    I went on the web site. I’m not a lawyer so there is a lot of legalese I don’t understand, but it is very well put together & quite an eye opener. I had no idea this site existed. The whole thing is very sad. These were people who were friends once & now the fights that go on, all over $$$. Very sad that things have gotten to this point.

    It’s the 3 weeks & generally I need to watch my mouth, so I don’t want to add fuel to the fire by criticizing any individuals. It’s enough I’ve had my own dealings with one of the parties involved and I was cheated. This needs to be resolved once & for all.

  • a parent

    “Some other websites have publicized quotes from parents angrily complaining that the camp did not inform them of the incident, how do you respond to these suggestions?

    ”We have not received one complaint from any of our parents.”

    I was really happy to hear the camp finally make a public statement, but seeing it only ended up in more hardship and pain.

    Excuse me MR RUTMAN, is it you that made this statement or the website that interviewed you that made it up. we spoke yesterday way before this interview was held. you know i am upset with what happened how can you say such a thing???

  • Summer Recreation INC...

    Chayolei Hamelech legal name is:
    Summer Recreation For Children Inc.

    Calling it one thing off the books and another on the books is just another scam.
    this way any illegal scams they do will be spoken or writen as Chayolei Hamelech (like in the paper above) , when searched on records that name will not be found (it does not even exists).


  • tb

    to “lubavitcher”—
    of course the parents should know!
    if your child was in camp and chas v’sholom there was a murderer on the loose, wouldn’t you want to know???
    who cares about the camp losing money? losing campers is much more important!

  • Lubavitch

    What is wrong with you Lubavitch people. BE CIVIL. Out of Crown Heights no one acts in such a manner as you, spurting out hate at people.

    From you’re comments, you guys don’t give a bloody damn about the man who died, or even his family. In not one comment that i have read has it said, ‘I wonder who the man was’ or ‘how is his family coping’. The only thing any of you Crown Heightser are interested in, is bad mouthing other people. True, i don’t know the Spritzers, but even if bad things have happened under their authority, why are you bad mouthing them rather than asking about the man who was murdered.

    A proper way to deal with such an incident was for the camp to first inform family members of the man of the tragedy, and then inform each and every parent. Campers should not have found out about the incident until all parents had been informed and there a proper process worked out.

    The truth is, a camp should be shut down if it becomes a crime scene. If this wouldve happened in Australia, the camp wouldve been closed down for the safety of all campers and staff members.

    To the smart ass comment ‘an unidentified male’. The name is not said for PRIVACY reasons – this is a legal thing. Name are not allowed to be released until all family memebers have been notified, and they give permission for the paper to release the information.

    And to the woman who doesnt care about her children WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE THEM? If you’re having them because the Rebbe wants, for your information, the Rebbe would NOT want someone to have children if they didnt want them and treated them like crap. You complain about all the African-Americans who harrass and assault innocent people, because there were no parents to raise them. Well, if you dont give a damn about your children they will turn out just the same EVEN IF THEY ARE CHABAD.

    Seriously, you guys shame me. Its no wonder people look at me with disgust when i say Im Lubavitch.

  • talk about the living

    so, how is the dead guy doing, bet hes feeling a little cold right about now.

    the dead is dead, what we are talking or commenting about are the living.