Video of the Day – Invocation Deliverd by Shliach

Albany, NY — May 7, 2007, Opening prayer for NYS Assembly by Chabad Shliach to Colonie, NY, Rabbi Yaakov Weiss, on the day after Jewish Holiday of Lag Baomer.

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Chabad Raises Over $40,000 for Local Israelis

By Andy Levy-Ajzenkopf – The Canadian Jewish News

There’s an old adage that says if you’re going to host an event you should always “leave ’em laughing.”

And on May 17, at the fourth annual Spirit of Community Dinner, a fundraising awards gala hosted by the Beth Chabad Israeli Community Centre to benefit the growing Israeli community in the GTA, that’s exactly what what they did.

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Gmar Chasima Tova From Heights Properties


“Tomorrow Show” Premiere is an Audience Thriller with the Friendship Circle at the Jewish Children’s Museum

Crown Heights, Brooklyn –- Last night, the Jewish Children’s Museum hosted an innovative and exciting dinner in appreciation of the Friendship Circle at the Jewish Children’s Museum volunteers. Two New York TV reporters hosted the “Tomorrow Show“ celebrating the Friendship Circle’s mission of providing children with special needs with a brighter tomorrow. A take-off of the popular Today Show, the Tomorrow Show was full of moving ”news“ features, a hilarious ”weather report,” mock commercials and live musical accompaniment by Gershon Veroba and the Neshoma Orchestra.

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NYC Cracking Down on ‘Blocking the Box’

New York, NY — Here’s another way to get a ticket in New York City. The city is cracking down on “blocking the box” vioolations. The city plans to hire 117 additional Traffic Enforcement Agents this year to look for motorists who get stuck in the intersection when the light changes red. Some drivers get caught by trying to squeeze through the intersection just as the light is changing.

Promo Video: CH Softball to play for Friendship Circle Day

Sunday June 10 is the Friendship Circle Day!

The Crown Heights Softball League will be having a special game which will determine which team will lead the league. The teams playing are the Regency Cleaners Kloppers vs The Apple Drugs Skullcaps in Lefferts Park.

Picture of the Day – On the way to a Montreal Wedding

Friends to the Posner and Rosenberg families made their way to Montreal where the wedding of Shyke and Shani (nee Rosenberg) Posner took place. This picture was taken on the bus ride from Crown Heights of a few of the Chossons fathers friends.

(L-R: Velly Karp, Sholom Ber Baumgarten, Itche Turner and Leibel Baumgarten)

Glasgow first Kosher Restaurant

Glasgow, Scotland — The Jewish community of Glasgow now has for the first time a Glatt Kosher restaurant under the supervision of Chabad Lubavitch of Scotland Shluchim Rabbi and Mrs Chaim Jacobs and the Glasgow and West of Scotland Kashrus Commission.

The Weekly Sedra – Parshas Beha’aloscha

The Rebbe says:

This talk will be based on a verse in this week’s Haftorah (a short selection from the Prophets which we read after reading the regular Torah portion):

1. In this week’s Haftorah the Torah tells us that the Prophet Zechariya refers to the Jewish people and says “I see and behold there is a Menorah made entirely of gold…with it’s seven branches…”.

2. The Rebbe now explains to us why the Prophet Zechariya compared the Menorah and the Jewish people: