Picture of the Day – On the way to a Montreal Wedding

Friends to the Posner and Rosenberg families made their way to Montreal where the wedding of Shyke and Shani (nee Rosenberg) Posner took place. This picture was taken on the bus ride from Crown Heights of a few of the Chossons fathers friends.

(L-R: Velly Karp, Sholom Ber Baumgarten, Itche Turner and Leibel Baumgarten)


  • 1. Rivk T wrote:

    Sitting on a cramped bus for 15 hrs…such messiras nefesh!!!…Its amazing what some ppl will do for a ‘lil smirnoff lol:D!!!

  • 3. An admirer wrote:

    I guess this is the BEFORE picture!! I would like to see the AFTER picture!!

  • 4. color war general wrote:

    Gotta show this pic to Dovid Aba- He would get a kick out of it. Enjoy! Like good ol’ cgi times

  • 5. HaRotzeh Bilum Shmoi wrote:

    They’ve been transplanted from under the Ezras Noshim in 770 to a bus.

    Looking good, Velly.

  • 7. on the bus wrote:

    It was actually a hired Monsey Trails bus, but good try. :)


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