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Promo Video: CH Softball to play for Friendship Circle Day

Sunday June 10 is the Friendship Circle Day!

The Crown Heights Softball League will be having a special game which will determine which team will lead the league. The teams playing are the Regency Cleaners Kloppers vs The Apple Drugs Skullcaps in Lefferts Park.

In addition there will be food and activities for the Friendship Circle Kids and their families.

The Crown Heights Softball League is sponsored by: The Print House, Apple Drugs, Landmark Funding Group, Regency Cleaners, Everything Automotive and us!

This commercial aired by the Friendship Circle Dinner’s ‘Tomorrow Show’, Click Here to read that story!


  • 4. apple drugs skullcaps fan bigtime wrote:

    i cant wait
    to come and see real actual players playing the appledrugs skulcaps are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think they will win
    i dont know i just have a hunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 6. 1:OO wrote:

    its not so late ita at 1:00PM I THINK
    THATS WHAT I I I I HEARD!!!!!!!!!!!


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