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Help Reprint Sefer Hadras Ponim Zokon!

The 3rd edition of Hadras Ponim Zokon is out-of-print and to enable the publication of an expanded 4th edition of this celebrated sefer (of approximately 1,150 pages), financial assistance is needed.

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In accordance with the Rebbe’s vision for this sefer*, Hadras Ponim Zokon is sold below cost to make it affordable to talmidei yeshiva and many seforim are donated to libraries of yeshivos and shuls and gifted to Rabonim and Roshei Yeshiva. The need for financial support for its publication is thus significant.

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  • “The goal of your sefer is that through reading it, people will be more scrupulous with the prohibition of removing the beard and will realize how critically important it is to grow it. To this end, it is imperative that it actually be published and distributed” (Igros Kodesh, vol. 32, p. 133). “It is customary when printing sefarim such as this to provide a discount to yeshiva students, and to publicize that you are doing so.”

Package Theft of the Day

Do you know this man? He recently became the proud owner of two packages left unattended on a Crown Heights porch Shabbos morning. The theft took place around 5:00am in the area of President Street near Schenectady Ave.

Man Shot Again in Albany Ave Projects

A man was shot in the leg Tuesday night in what appears to have been a firefights in a parking lot of the Albany Ave projects. The victim was considered to be in non life threatening condition, and was transported to the hospital.

Video of the Day

It’s become the newest conspiracy. “The thieves breaking into the cars in Crown Heights have this magical contraption that unlocks doors.” The truth is, that we just forget to lock them, or accidentally sit on our key fobs. This video of a thief in Crown Heights illustrates that, after he nearly falls off his bike when a car door opens unexpectedly.

Video of the Day

It’s Crown Heights’s Motto, If it’s not bolted down, we will steal it, and if it is, we will break it. So this video isn’t special, it’s just a regular law abiding citizen breaking into Mr. Greens mailbox on Albany Ave, and stealing a package. The “good” man even helped out the owners, picking up the mail that spilled out of the mailbox when he broke it.