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Violent Riots Rock New York City

Violent riots began in New York City Saturday in protest of the death of a man during a police arrest in Minneapolis last week. As of midnight Motzei Shabbos, major protests continue in Manhattan and Brooklyn, one taking place just minutes from Crown Heights.

Video of the Day

“If it’s not bolted down, they’ll steal it.” It’s a sad story, but a reality in Crown Heights. A young boy found this out after leaving his bike unattended outside the Kol Tuv Supermarket Thursday. The thief made off with the bike, but later dumped it after Shomrim volunteers tracked him down. The bike was recovered, and returned to its owner.

Another Shooting Rocks Crown Heights Wednesday

Another shooting shocked Crown Heights Wednesday evening, just a day after a teenager was shot and killed on a street just a few blocks away. A man described as skinny and wearing a black mask reportedly shot and injured a man by a deli on the corner of union Street and Utica Ave around 6:00pm Wednesday evening.