Reminder: Don’t Forget to Make an Eruv Tavshilin

It is forbidden on a holiday to do any act in preparation for the following day, even if the following day is Shabbat. However, the sages created a halachic device, called an eruv tavshilin, which allows one to cook food on a holiday day for use on a Shabbat that immediately follows it.

Weekly Story: B’simcha U’b’pnimiyous

It is the custom of the Rebbe before Shavuos to bless all Jews to receive the Torah B’simcha U’b’pnimiyous. Many expressed their understanding of what the two terms mean or refer to, and I would like to offer an additional perspective based on the following story.

ENDED: Ten Community Rabbis, 10 Commandments, for One Torah, One Community

Watch live now: In a first of its kind event, the Association of Crown Heights Shuls has announced that it will bring together 10 community Rabbonim, each one addressing one of the Aseres Hadibros. At a time we are all in need and looking for extra Brachos, what better way than to unite as one community and prepare for Mattan Torah.

Weekly Letter: The Jewish Way of Life

In preparation for Shavuos – we share a letter in which the Rebbe emphasizes that the Jewish way of life is “na’asse v’nishma”. We do and then we learn. Even in the realm of science, discipline and methods need to be first accepted. Questioning the truth is fine – yet not understanding truth does not make it not true.