Weekly Letter: Seven Weeks of Nechama/Comfort

In this weeks letter – which will hopefully bring comfort during these “Seven Weeks of Nechama/Comfort” – the Rebbe’s writes in answer to one who is in search of the truth and asks why it is that Yidden remain loyal to their faith after having endured so much persecution. The Rebbe refers to the Revelation at Sinai in his clear and concise explanation, among other points he makes.

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New Children’s Book “Who Needs You”

Trump Issues Executive Order Against TikTok

US President Donald Trump on Thursday issued an executive order barring any transactions between US companies and the Chinese parent company of TikTok beginning in 45 days.The order essentially forces the parent company, ByteDance, to divest from TikTok, or face a ban from operating in the United States.

“Shuvi” A New Single From Zalman Pollack

The relationship we have with Hashem is a remarkable one. Throughout our history the nations of the world have always tried to entice the Yidden to follow them, they call out to the Jews ‘Shuvi, Shuvi’ turn toward us and away from Hashem. To which we answer ‘Ma Techezu’ what can you possibly offer us that would compare to the beautiful relationship we have with Hashem.

It’s Grenada, Not Granada!

Bitten by the travel bug? Flying is not what it used to be–not since the pandemic. Thankfully, there’s still virtual travel. Join us each #ThursdayTravel as we take a virtual tour of one of the 5000 communities around the globe served by Chabad. Fasten your seatbelts as we travel to the island of Grenada.

Obituary: His Brother’s Keeper: Norman Rosenbaum, 63, Fierce Advocate for Justice

For more than a decade, Norman Rosenbaum was a fixture in New York City, a fiery Australian who became a fixture on front pages and nightly newscasts for his impassioned speeches—many on the steps of City Hall, demanding justice in the face of entrenched anti-Semitism after the infamous 1991 Crown Heights riots, in which his younger brother Yankel was brutally murdered. Rosenbaum passed away on July 25 in Melbourne, Australia. He was 63 years old.