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Bugsy Siegel’s Daughter Gets a Jewish Burial

The rabbi thought nothing of the Flamingo Hotel as he passed it on his way to a Las Vegas area hospice. Despite the glitz and glimmer that draws people to the desert city—and the grimy edge that sometimes keeps them there for good—Las Vegas is a big place, home to real people with real (and regular) lives, and Rabbi Mendy Harlig was on his way last week to do what rabbis often do: meet with a Jewish woman breathing her last.

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TGIS: 161 CTeen Chapters Celebrate Shabbat

CTeeners from around the world recently united at the 6th annual International TGIS Shabbaton. 161 chapters participated in this year’s TGIS—Thank G-d It’s Shabbat— which took place Chof Cheshvan, Parshas Chayei Sarah. Five of the TGIS events took part in large, region wide Shabbatons in the Tri State, Southern California, Colorado, The Northwest, the Midwest and in Manchester, UK.

Great Debates: In the Wake of Expulsion

In the wake of Spanish expulsion came a proposal to reinstate the Sanhedrin, in an effort to herald the messianic era. The idea catapulted the Jewish world into a frenzy: some with jubilation, others with uproar and outrage. Can we force the Divine hand to hasten the redemption? Should we? And what about recent attempts at renewing the Sanhedrin?