150 Released Time Instructors Inspired

Jewish Released time, under the auspices of NCFJE, hosted a conference to address its 150 instructors.

The crowd was addressed by Rabbi Shimon Rivkin, director of CTeen. He inspired the attendees by sharing personal stories of when he was a Released time instructor. These stories gave good understanding of how to be an effective instructor and illustrated that future success as a shliach comes from devotion now to recruit and educate Jewish children in public school.

Rabbi S.Z. Zirkind, Jewish Released time’s Director, then retold the Farbrengen where the Rebbe spoke about the significance of Released time being founded by the Frierdiker Rebbe shortly after his arrival to America, and the where the Rebbe further explained that it is this Jewish education of children that rectifies the destruction of the Bais Hamikdash.

The Highlight was when Rabbi Zirkind introduced Rabbi Shua Shneur, appointed to work in close liaison with the instructors to ensure that the Jewish education for the children in public school is brought to its fullest.

A token of appreciation, umbrellas with the Released Time logo, was distributed to all participants. They were sponsored for a speedy and full recovery for Tzvi Moshe Ben Esther Leah.

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