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Day Camp Comes to Kids Stuck in Israeli Hospitals

Summer is in high gear, with a million things for kids to do: people to see, day and overnight camps to attend, sleepovers with friends, family trips and just being able run out to the nearest neighborhood playground to do what kids do best.

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Fully Winterized House for Sale in Mei Menuchos

Fully winterized detached house in Mei Menuchos, South Fallsburg, NY for sale.

Two floor house, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (one in the master bedroom with soaker tub), 2 Large kitchens, wraparound deck, Washer/dryer on each floor, central a/c and heating. Hardwood floors upstairs. Each floor accessible from the inside as well as have their own entrances (so can be used as an income generating rental), large beautiful grounds, Chassidishe and tzniusdik environment.

Day camp, swimming pool, 2 playgrounds, Shul and mikve on premises. Shopping close by. Accessible all year. Available fully furnished.

Call/Message 347-578-2558 for more info.

Crown Heights to Get Futuristic New Firehouse

The FDNY is celebrating plans for a futuristically designed firehouse that will set the standard in modern fire department amenities. In a structure that is planned to be completed in 2018, firefighters will have the space and built-in features to expand their ability to recognize and tackle dangerous fires.

Picture of the Day: North Miami Beach, FL

Students and faculty of Yeshiva Torah Ohr of North Miami Beach pose for a group photo with head shliach to the state of Florida for 57 years Rabbi Avrohom Korf.  After the photo, Rabbi Korf treated the students to a farbrengen, where he expressed his nachas to visit the only yeshiva in the Southern U.S. that is still open during the summer months.

S. Diego Chabad Hebrew Academy Goes Solar

The Chabad Hebrew Academy of San Diego, CA, led by Rabbi Yosef Fradkin, switched over to solar energy for all their electrical needs last March and declared “energy independence.” Now they are seeing savings of $169,000 each year, reports the S. Diego Jewish Journal.