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60-Year-Old Israeli Woman Gives Birth to Healthy Girl

A 60-year-old Israeli woman became a proud mother of healthy baby girl this morning in the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot.

Doctors delivered the baby prematurely via cesarean section, as the woman suffered from a serious case of preeclampsia that put the baby girl and even the mother at risk.

The baby girl was born healthy at 2.2 kilograms. Both mother and child are still in the hospital, but their conditions are very good, Kaplan staffers said.

The oldest Israeli to ever give birth was a 65-year-old woman who delivered last year at Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba.


  • 1. I hope wrote:

    I hope there is a lot of extended family who will be able to look after and raise this child.

    • 2. Chaim H. wrote:

      I hope and pray that mother (and father) lives until 125 in good health and thus have the ability to raise a healthy child.
      Mazal Tov to the new mother.

    • 6. Dar Hoshanna wrote:

      Right on.I’m surprised of some people who have such faith in G-D that they would feel like this family is doomed.They do know who makes baby’s, I’m 47 and theres hope for me.G-D bless you two and keep your faith and don’t get caught up in negativity.shalome aleem.And yes amazing!

  • 7. In Kaplan?? wrote:

    I wouldn’t have a dog deliver a puppy there. And at her age? Irresponsible and selfish.

    • 8. Off Base wrote:

      Strange comment. They are not a veterinary facility, and most dogs don’t need one anyway.

    • 9. Dar Hoshanna wrote:

      Off base,I’m with you. Plus who are people to say what’s normal and isn’t.only G-D.If THE baby wasn’t meant to come here it would not have.must be secular Jewish opinion but I am a free sprit and I believe all is well when the universe is in charge.This falls under an actual of G-D. OK I’m done,I won’t defend truth or dare defend something as sacred as G-D’s will.shalome

  • 10. Yitzchak Mordechai wrote:

    How do u have a baby @ 60 yrs of age, I thought the cut off point was 40, it’s not normal 2 have a baby @ 65 or 60, it’s amazing she got pregnant, but agree with comment #5 that it’s very irresponsible. Thank u 4 sharing the news, Mazal Tov & Only Simchas !!

    • 11. IVF wrote:

      With IVF mothers can be older, especially if they freeze embryos for implantation years later, or use donor eggs, or donor embryos. But ask your Rav before trying it.

    • 12. Dar Hoshanna wrote:

      Who is anyone to say it’s irresponsible. That’s between G-D and them.

  • 14. Mazal tov! wrote:


    No need to find something negative or put someone down in every single news piece. Seriously….

    BH healthy mommy healthy baby, may they be blessed!

  • 15. Ree wrote:

    i feel sorry for the child. it is highly unnatural, it is abnormal, and it is unhealthy.
    once this mother gets the thrill she selfishly sought, and is done with it, who will actually take care of this child? surely no 70-year-old is ready to run around and get a ten-year-old ready for camp. surely no 80-yr-old is ready to help a girl through dating and marriage. if she lives that long.
    this is UGH.

    • 16. Don't Rush To Judgment wrote:

      How can you judge a woman you probably never met. It is only yourself you are judging.

  • 17. saddened by the comments wrote:

    why the negative comments.
    just wish them well!
    nobody is asking either of you nay sayers to raise this child.
    obviously this neshama was meant to come down exactly the way it did…..
    and to the question re: Moshiach..
    in Moshiach’s times we will see all these unnatural amazing things – so just go get ready and try for the positive!

    • 18. Dar Hoshanna wrote:

      Saddened by comments,Me too.especially the one who wrote ugh!Don’t people normally think about what is meant to be. I am sure they have back up and plenty of help.Thanks for being a voice of facts here and not ones personal opinion.

  • 20. confused wrote:

    what does this story have to do on CHI.

  • 21. Ari wrote:

    Wow it seems like the people commenting here know exactly all the details of the story, like why she got pregnant (for “the thrill”) etc etc and therefore have so much good to say about and wish the mother and child…

    You are all such wonderful people.

  • 22. Ari wrote:

    You are all such wonderful people, I’m sure you’re children who you gave birth to naturally at the regular age, without hardship of infertility etc, learn from you to be such sweet people as well.

  • 23. u feel sorry for this child? wrote:

    by saying she should not have been born and that her life was a tragic mistake????

    that the mother is selfish for bearing her????

    oh my……..some of these comments are shockingly painful to read.

    cant we just wish them well and be happy for them? why this negative, horrible judging???

    • 24. Chaim H. wrote:

      The people reacting in a negative way may be young people who see their own children as a burden r”l. In one word, they are PROJECTING.


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