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Video: Unique Peeks Behind the Scenes! scored an exclusive peek behind the scenes of the Sunday Jewish Kids Got Talent concert celebrating the power of Jewish children in honor of Tzivos Hashmes 30th anniversary.

The Elusive Pursuit of Spirituality – the “I” Un-capitalized

by Rabbi Yoseph Kahanov Jax. Fl.

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, a student of the great Maggid of Mezritch, once knocked on the Maggid’s door to ask a Talmudic question that perplexed him.

“Who is it?” Asked the Maggid.

“It is I,” Reb Shneur Zalman responded.

“Come in, Zalmanu,” the Maggid said, recognizing the voice. After satisfactorily resolving R’ Shneur Zalman’s question, the Maggid unexpectedly said, “Good-bye, Zalmanu. Have a good journey.”

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