Over A Year in the Making, Mosaic Goes Up!

Photos by Rivka Kashanian

A mosaic made up of hand painted tiles went up off Kingston Avenue today, marking the culmination of a yearlong project! The mosaic is the collective work of children getting involved in raising awareness for Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights.

It was over a year ago when we first reported about the children in local schools painting tiles which was to go up on a wall on Kingston.

Special thank you to Shloime Gutleizer and Marvin Fruchter of Apple Drugs for donating the wall of his store for this project!


  • 3. i remember painting this last year wrote:

    go simi and chanie the best classmates woohoo

  • 6. beatiful wrote:

    So beautiful to see some colorful and creative artwork on the streets of CH- this truly adds beauty to the shchuna! Just wondering why they put the mosaic up so high; if it had been a few feet lower, people could probably admire each tile’s art more up close.

  • 7. So Inspiring!!!!! wrote:

    Was walking past Kingston on my home and came across this most inspiring thing that I have ever seen in all my years of living in Crown Heights. It is not only beautiful but brought me to tears when is saw what the children had painted. So much love is in this and I felt it. Thank you whoever did this. I am proud to live here and bring my kids to see this.

  • 9. Beautiful! wrote:

    Finally there’s another mitzvah being promoted (besides tznius)…
    To #6 – if it were lower, it would be touched too much
    to #8 – Crown St between Kingston and Brooklyn (corner Kingston/side of Apple Drugs)

  • 10. Sheva @ myshtub.blogspot.com wrote:

    What an absolutely beautiful job they did, I’m so in love with this, just beautiful!

  • 11. Moshiach Now wrote:

    These are really times of Moshiach. Good Work Bikur Cholim and Organisers!

  • 12. fp wrote:

    This is a most wonderful thing i was so touched and the most amazing part is what it brings to this community and directly across the street are the homes of Mrs Steinmetz one of the most wonderful women who along with Mrs Klein headed the Bikeur Cholim and Mrs Miryam Swerdlov who this wonderful mosaic is also dedicated to her granddaughter may it bring there families peace and to know though the beauty of all the wonderful children who created this work that they will live on in all children and in each and everyone of us every time we look at this we can see the power we all have to change this world by one act of kindness let this bring the end of golous now

  • 13. friend wrote:

    Sarit LOOKS GREAT!Great job- keep up the good work!!
    From your friends on Maple St!

  • 16. Chanie wrote:

    So beautiful and inspiring! Thanks to Ruthie Kirschenbaum for breathing new life into Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights!

  • 17. Bobz and Zaidz -Shirley & Neil Kramer wrote:

    Sarit we are so proud of you. We know it took a lot of dedicated hard work to put this wall together to promote a topic you feel so strongly about. The mitzvzh of bikur cholim.

  • 18. passerby wrote:

    I saw you taking pics Rivka! youre so cute! Did you really get on that latter?! btw i love that leather jacket, whered you get it? ;)

  • 21. I see you! wrote:

    Haha Riv i saw you taking pics on the street, now I see what it was for! Great job as always!

  • 22. Love the wall! wrote:

    SOOO AWESOME!!! That’s the prettiest wall in all of Crown Heights!

  • 27. Proud wrote:

    The children must be so proud of their work :o) Well Done For Giving Them A Chance To Get Involved & Help Our Community. Love it all! Hatzlacha Bikur Cholim.

  • 30. me!! wrote:

    simale junik

    i havent seen u in soooooooooooooo long cant w3 2 c u !!!!!

    luv me

  • 31. me!! wrote:

    simale junik

    i havent seen u in soooooooooooooo long cant w3 2 c u !!!!!

    luv me

  • 32. Australia wrote:

    It looks beautiful! Sarit you Rockstar what a stunning work of Art! The kids must be thrilled!


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