In The Eyes of a Tourist

By Levi Stein for the Detroit Jewish News

I can’t believe I’m back from 2 weeks of traveling around Europe with my wife. Although I’m constantly traveling helping Chabad houses, this is my first experience traveling as a tourist. I have so much to say and so much to tell, that I decided it would be best to do so with pictures.

Live Siyumim for the 9 Days

For over 30 years NCFJE ( has organized live siyumim for each of the nine days on the radio. As in past years, there will be a live video of these siyumim will also be broadcasted www.Jewish.TV,’s audio and video site, in addition to the radio broadcast.

Con Ed Restores Power To Brooklyn, Queens

ConEd workers restoring power to the vicinity of Union and Albany.

NEW YORK [CBS] — The power problems that impacted thousands of ConEd customers in Brooklyn were finally over Sunday.

Late Friday night the utility reduced voltage by 8-percent in the central and southwest parts of the borough due to problems with some electrical cables.

Sullivan County’s Walmart Beefs-Up Kosher Section

By Steve Israel for the Record Online

MONTICELLO — First, Walmart conquered the Main Street market of hardware and underwear.

Now the retail giant is going after another market — the Catskill kosher market of gefilte fish and blintzes.

The Monticello Walmart just ran a full-page ad touting “expanded selections” in its “new kosher fresh section for the summer 2010.” It’s added kosher products like Empire organic chicken and Teva Angus beef sliders.

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Op-Ed: Fretting Over Inevitabilities

Photo Courtesy Basil

RETRACTION AND APOLOGY: a previous version of this letter alleged that the op-ed in question was slanderous. The letter writer retracts the allegation being that it was hyperbole. The letter writer also apologizes that the letter was taken as a personal attack on the op-ed author’s. It was not intended as character attack, rather as a sharp criticism of the op-ed author’s ideas. It has been edited in this new version for clarification.

An Open Letter to Mottel

Dear Mottel,

Your op-ed, A Fire Burns in Crown Heights: An Essay on Religion, Modernity and Pizza, was based on false pretenses. It misunderstand everyone attacked in the long and erroneous expose (with its ensuing comments) on the current tensions between the so-dubbed zealots, the restaurants, and the men and women on the streets of Crown Heights. Its view of the situation is narrow; its ability to influence is limited; and its solutions may be effective in Nevel or Never Never Land, but not in Crown Heights. Your advice is not helpful.

Boruch Dayan Hoemes – Rabbi Shmuel Lazar OBM

With sadness we inform you of the passing of Rabbi Shmuel Lazar OBM of Boro Park on Friday. He learned Tomchei Temimim in New York, and was sent by the Friediker Rebbe to work in the educational institutes he established in Buffalo, Rochester, New Haven, and Worcester.

He is survived by his brother, Rabbi Moshe Lazar.

Voting in Chase Community Giving Ends Tonight

Many Chabad Moisdos are Competing for Chase Cash Give-Away

Voting in Chase Bank’s Community Giving campaign will end tonight. There are many Chabad Moisdos competing for Bank’s cash prizes, which ranges from $20,000 to $250,000. In an added incentives, Shluchim will be raffling off prizes to those who vote for them.