Shavuos Workshops are on the Road by Tzivos Hashem

In preparation for Shavuos, Tzivos Hashem conducts Traditional Crafts of the Jewish People special Safrus workshop at Jewish schools all over the tri-state area. During the workshop the Michoel Albukerk and Shneor Fridman give the children hands-on training about the preparation of the parchment and ink and the special art of writing a Sefer Torah.

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Jewish Community Receives Its First Torah

By Andrew Good – Sun Post News

It’s believed to be San Clemente’s first Torah as well.

Chabad of San Clemente gets a new Torah. As part of the ceremony the newly completed torah is taken on a short parade down the streets of San Clemente while different individuals take turns carrying it. Shlomo Rabinowitz plays the accordian as Menachen Nemes carries the torah. Nemes, who feels that this is, “a great honor,” flew out from New York just for this occasion. Next to him is Gershom Benavraham, from Camp Pendelton, who helps to carry the Chupah over the torah. Photos by Dominique Riley, For the Sun Post News

San Clemente, CA — With the last few letters of Deuteronomy inscribed, a cheer went up – “Mazeltov!” – and a local Jewish congregation received their first Torah Sunday.

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Hachnosas Safer Torah to Lehigh Valley, PA

Lehigh Valley, PA — A huge surprise awaited hundreds of Jews at the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania, who gathered for a Sefer Torah dedication, when the shliach Rabbi Yaacov Halperin announced, “We are marching to the new Chabad House”. The new Chabad House will be shortly inaugurated and will be the center of a row of activities.

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Children Celebrate with Torah in Bergen County

An impressive Sefer Torah procession was held on Sunday in Bergen County, New Jersey, joined by hundreds of locals. The canopy was prepared in a course of several weeks by tens of children of the Tzivos Hashem club of the Chabad House headed by the shliach, Rabbi Chanoch Kaplan. After filling the last letters, a parade and Seudas Mitzvah containing a special program was held for the guests. The Sefer Torah was donated by Reb Avremi Lerer of Crown Heights.

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Children of Ukraine are prepared for Shavuot

Kiev, Ukraine — As a preparation for the holiday of Shovous, the director of Programs and Publishing House for Tzivos Hashem of the C.I.S. Shmuli Brown organised a very unique program for children of Ukraine.

Tzivos Hashem workers travelled to many cities in Ukraine and showed hundreds of children a Sefer Torah, told them the story of Matan Torah and the importance of the Torah to the Jewish nation.

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The Weekly Sedra – Shavuot: The Destination

Rabbi Yossi Kahanov Shliach to Jacksonville, FL

A professor once lamented to the Lubavitcher Rebbe about the depravity of human nature. “While most people,” argued the academic, “seem very nice and charming on the outside, beneath the surface we all tend to share the same ugly essence. We are all selfish, arrogant, and egotistical. Why should the intrinsic character of man be so abhorrent?”

The Rebbe responded with a parable: “When one strolls in the street one sees lovely houses, green lawns, flowery trees, paved roads and shiny cars. But when one takes a hoe and digs beneath the surface he exposes nothing but dirt and more dirt, all the surface beauty is gone.”

NYC Health Dept. Shuts Down Nosh World

Crown Heights, Brooklyn –- The neighborhood nosh and ice cream store, Nosh World Was shut down late last week by New York City’s Health Department. Last week Thursday, May 17th, a two hour long inspection left the store closed and the owner, Moshe Machputz an extensive list of items he needs to fix and correct.

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Picture of the Day! – Motzoei Shavuos 5737 (1977)

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The following is a first-time-release picture of the Rebbe from Motzoei Shavuos 5737 (1977). Special thanks to Rabbi Pinny Lew and Rabbi Ari Kirschenbaum – Shliach of the Rebbe to Prospect Heights Brooklyn.

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Picture of the Night! Preparing Flowers at 3:30am

One of the customs of Shavuot is to adorn the home with flowers and greens, our Sages relate that although Mount Sinai was situated in a desert, when the Torah was given the mountain bloomed and sprouted flowers and since it is the Harvest Festival.

In the picture, a flower merchant is preparing hundreds of bouquets of flowers in order to meet todays demand.

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The Weekly Sedra – Chag HaShavous

The Festival of Shavous

The Rebbe says:

1. The Midrash (a great collection of Homilies) tells us: “The night before Hashem came down to give the Torah the Jewish people went to sleep because the sleep of Yom Tov is sweet and the night is short, and (to top it all off) they didn’t even get bitten by any mosquitoes. But when Hashem came down (the next morning) to give the Torah all the Jewish people were sleeping and Hashem had to wake them up. As the Torah says “(Hashem says) Why do I come and no one calls out for me? No one even answers My calls!” (see Isaiah, Chapter 50, Verse 2).

And this is why we stay up all night on the night before the giving of the Torah (the first night of the festival of Shavous).