Scheinfeld Family to Dedicate Torah

A Sefer Torah being written in memory of Moty Sheinfeld is due to be finished this coming Sunday, 12 Cheshvan, October 21st. Moty’s wife Aliza penned the following letter inviting all to join in the Mitzvah of writing a Sefer Torah.

Philanthropists Subsidize Kapores for Residents

Two well-known philanthropists have once again stepped up to the plate to make sure that residents of Crown Heights can observe the ancient tradition of kapparos. The subsidized chickens will only be available on Sunday starting at 12:00pm until 7:00pm – or while supplies last.

Benabou Purchases House of Glatt

Crown Heights supermarket mogul Itzik Benabou recently completed the purchase of the Kingston Avenue delicatessen and butcher shop, House of Glatt as well as the property. This move consolidates his hold on the beef and poultry supply in the neighborhood, and his taking ownership of the sixth property on one block of the shopping thoroughfare.

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Hatzalah’s Fly Car Gets Upgraded

After faithfully serving the volunteers of Hatzalah over the last three years, and assisting in rendering medical help to hundreds – if not thousands – of people, their Ford Explorer ‘Fly Car’ is being retired and replaced with a newer and larger vehicle.