Letter: Mendy Raitport Thanks Crown Heights

After losing the race for state assembly, Mendy Raitport still feels this was a victory and penned a letter thanking Crown Heights for their support. Already he is feeling the positive effects of the strong voter turnout, which he feels will enable our neighborhood to receive better recognition.

Video: Why Do They Riot?

Many people are shaking their heads at the destruction in Baltimore and wondering how anyone could burn and loot their own community. PIX11 News spoke to Richard Green, an activist in the Crown Heights African-American community, about what he believes leads protesters to stage violent riots.

Missing Crown Heights Hikers Located

Dani Cole and Mendy Losh have made contact with family members and friends early this morning after being out of touch since Friday afternoon. Saturday a massive earthquake struck near the capital of Nepal and claimed the lives of over 2,000 people including three Americans.

770 Named ‘Unofficial’ Brooklyn Landmark

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams declared April as “Brooklyn Landmarks Month” to honor its 21 historic districts, two interior landmarks and roughly 100 individual landmarks — from the Grand Army Plaza to the Williamsburg Savings Bank to Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel.

Man Jailed for Jamming MetroCard Machines

Have you ever arrived at the Utica Ave-Crown Heights subway station in a hurry to board the train, only to find that the MetroCard Machine was out of order? According to a recent police report, the machine’s malfunction may not have been a mechanical error, but the work of a criminal intent on forcing you to buy an illegal ‘swipe’ through the turnstile from him.