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Rep. Clarke Signs Slanderous Anti-Israel Letter

20 members of Congress send a letter to President Obama requesting “the protection of Palestinian children from Israeli abuses.” One of the signatories was the Congresswoman who represents Crown Heights in the U.S. Capitol, Rep. Yvette Clarke. It was not the first time she took action against Israel.

Teacher Out in Park with Students Assaulted

On Sunday afternoon, a teacher at the Ohr Menachem Boys’ School took his class to Lincoln Terrace Park (AKA Rochester Park) for recess. While there, a man walked over to the teacher and assaulted him in a completely unprovoked attack.

Crown Heights Eruv Is Up!

Despite opposition from local Halachic authorities, an Eruv has been erected around Crown Heights for the first time in history, enabling Jewish residents who choose to use it to carry and push strollers on Shabbos.

Racist Rabble-Rouser Allegedly Assaults City Worker

Alicia Boyd, the notoriously anti-Semitic and anti-white founder of the Movement to Protect the People (MTOPP), an organization which uses hateful tactics to oppose any commercial developments in Crown Heights, allegedly assaulted a worker who was cutting grass at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a witness told

Affordable Apartments Up for Grabs

Applications are now open for 30 affordable apartments in a large, newly constructed building in Crown Heights. One-bedroom apartments will cost only $913 per month, and two-bedrooms will go for $1,065 per month. The apartments will be raffled off among the eligible applicants.