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*Data Entry – Full time

This position requires a sophisticated understanding of customer data and the ability to analyze & enter it into a custom database program built for our industry. Training will be provided. The position is best suited for those who like detail oriented work where accuracy is very important, with less emphasis on customer interaction.

You will be working in tandem with other professionals, therefore an easygoing personality is a must. Long term commitment is preferred.

If you think that this job is for you, please e-mail your resume with references included to or fax it to 718-756-7503 ATT: JOBS

*Candidate must be eligible to work in the US

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Secular Studies Teacher Positions Available!

Secular studies teachers needed for a Lubavitcher elementary boys Yeshiva in the heart of Flatbush.

A warm and friendly atmosphere and a most rewarding and fulfilling Shlichus.


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Monday: Parking Rules and Regulations in Crown Heights

CROWN HEIGHTS [CHI] — Tomorrow, Labor Day Monday, hundreds of thousands will be attending the annual West Indian American Day Parade in Crown Heights. Celebrations begin Sunday evening and run through Monday night. has compiled all the info you need to know in order to navigate the gridlocked neighborhood.

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Full Time and Part Time Positions Available

Pomodori has an opening for a Shomer Shabbos cashier

We are looking for Full Time and Part Time.

No experience Necessary as we will train

Please call 718-484-4817 and ask for Manager

2 Israeli Bochurim Arrested for Alleged Assault

Shortly before Shabbos ended, at around 7:00pm, two 20-year-old Israeli bochurim were walking down Montgomery Street towards Albany Avenue, heavily intoxicated and making quite a ruckus. They were confronted by an African-American man, who told them to quiet down, and an altercation between them ensued.

Developers Wish They Could Build More in Crown Heights

Crown Heights is one of the fastest — if not the fastest — gentrifying neighborhoods in New York City, and the building of condos and rentals there can be a very profitable endeavor. However, due to various zoning ordinances that predate the surging demand for housing, developers are frustrated by empty warehouses in areas zoned for commercial use that cannot be converted to residential units, as well as many other building restrictions.

Library Books Spreading Bed Bugs?

This past weekend, Shloime Klein, a Crown Heights resident, borrowed a book from the Maple St. Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library. When he opened the book, he was shocked to find it crawling with ‘stage three’ bed bugs.

The Doula Extraordinaire of Crown Heights

by Chaya Bar-Chaim

It was not quite 6 a.m. on July 13, 1981, when the phone rang in Rochel Vail’s upstate summer bungalow. Her friend’s frantic husband was on the line. His wife was in labor, and his car had broken down. Would Vail drive them the three hours to the hospital in New York City?