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A Groisen Yasher Koach, A Breiter Thank You!

On behalf of every talmid, family, staff member, board member, community member, and the entire family of Oholei Torah, we want to wish you all infinite berochos begashmius u’beruchnius in an increased, Chodesh Adar manner, and conclude with a resounding: Yasher Koach — A Breiter Thank You!

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Matanos L’evyonim

Adar A Time to Increase – Thinking Breiter!

Thinking Breiter is all about increasing, increasing what we do, increasing what we aspire to, increasing what we give. Our sages teach: משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה, in the month of Adar we increase in joy. There’s a soul-stirring Chassidishe way to read this Maamar Chazal: משנכנס אדר מרבין. In the month of Adar we increase. Period. And that increase is done, בשמחה, with complete and utter joy. We beseech you to partner with us in Thinking Breiter, by giving and giving generously to our LIVE campaign.

Store in “Swipe for Points” Scheme Quietly Clears Out Merchandise

Sterling Electronics has been partially cleaned out in a quiet move Thursday night. Many Crown Heights residence witnessed as moving trucks pulled up to the store and workers began removing the merchandise from the shelves. This comes following the revelation of the stores involvement in the recent Credit Card “swipe for points” scandal that left many with tens of thousands, and some with hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

Video of the Day

Forgot to move your double parked car after alternate side? We are all guilty of it sometimes. Yet although we may laugh it off and thank our luck we did not get a ticket, others may have been inconvenienced terribly. A bus driver of a local school shared a video of the mayhem caused by such oversight, and shared some basic tips on avoiding such issues.

Tonight: Personal and Home Defense Seminar for Woman

Due to popular demand, NDFT together with The Besht will be hosting a women’s only seminar, this evening, on safety and security. Since this past Sunday, when The Tactical Rabbi, Raziel Cohen, gave a class at The Besht about Personal and Home Defense, there has been overwhelming response to have another class for all of the women who could not come due to being at KSCVK and for those who were not yet aware of it.