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Picture of the Day

This past Friday, an elderly Jewish Russian couple officially got married at the Chabad synagogue for Soviet immigrants located on Herzl Street in Haifa. The Chosen is 96 years old and the Kallah is 91, they are both Holocaust survivors.

US, Taliban Reportedly Reach Truce Agreement

A senior US official said Friday the United States and the Taliban have reached a truce agreement that will take effect “very soon” and could lead to withdrawals of American troops from Afghanistan, The Associated Press reports.

A Tale of Two Solomons

Rabbi Meir Shimon Moscowitz, regional director of Lubavitch Chabad of Illinois, says he avoids perusing the extensive files of his late father, Rabbi Daniel Moscowitz, who served as regional director until his untimely passing in 2014, because “once I start reading, I’ll get sucked into it, and before I know it the entire day will have passed.” But this time, it was worth it.

Weekly Story: Reb Yonah Poltava

My brother, Yonah Avtzon A”H was named after our great uncle, Reb Yonah Kahan, known as Reb Yonah Poltava. This weeks story is in his honor, as his yahrzeit is this coming week.

From Beijing and the Coronavirus to the Keynote Address to 3,000 Chabad Women

Dini Freundlich arrived in the United States two weeks ahead of her keynote address at the International Conference of Chabad-Lubavitch Women Emissaries (Kinus Hashluchos), not because she needed to prepare, but because she had to be sure she was healthy—a sort of self-quarantine before interacting with thousands of other women in New York.

Video of the Day

This cringe worthy video highlights the sad reality that is New York City today. “It’s back to the 80’s,” said one commenter after watching the man tag the police car in broad daylight. Watch and cringe for yourself.

Utica Ave. Subway Extension Dream Gets a Brooklyn Boost

The push to extend subway service along busy Utica Avenue in Brooklyn — mused about for more than a century — is now running on two tracks. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams plans to gather a transit task force of residents and community representatives who live near the Utica Avenue corridor to explore potential mass transit upgrades.

Moment of Silence Legislation Introduced In New York City Council

Councilman Chaim Deutsch (D-Brooklyn) introduced a resolution into the New York City Council following the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s directive calling upon the New York State Legislature to pass, and the Governor to sign, legislation requiring a moment of silence in all public schools at the beginning of each school day.