Weekly Story: A Visit to Ruzhin

In continuation with the theme of preparing for Yud Shevat , shnas hasiviim (the 70th year of the Rebbe’s nesius), I chose the following story which is based on a possuk of this week’s parsha and I heard from my father, Reb Meir a”h. A chossid has to recognize that as much as we know and understand, whatever the Rebbe tells us is Emes liamito.

Weekly Letter: The Power Of A Jewish Name

In the week when we read of the beginning of our enslavement in Egypt, we present a letter about the importance of a Jewish name. One of the merits the Jews had, making them worthy of being delivered from golus Mitzrayim, was that they did not change their Hebrew name. Not only did they preserve their Jewish identity, but they also proclaimed it proudly.