Op-Ed: A Year of Crisis and Response

Rabbi Zvi Gluck is the CEO of Amudim, an organization dedicated to helping abuse victims, those struggling with addiction and mental health issues within the community, and has been heavily involved in crisis intervention and management for the past 20 years.

Op-Ed: Symbolism vs Pragmatism

Symbolism vs Pragmatism, a fundamental difference in views held between the Rebbe and much of the more Modern Orthodox world. Levi Y. Keselman brings the points through a story, and shows the Rebbe’s view on which is more important.

Op-Ed: David Weprin For NYC Comptroller

Assembly Member David Weprin represents part of Queens in the state Assembly. He is a candidate for New York City Comptroller and a member of the Committee on Ways and Means, former Chairman of the NYC Council’s Finance Committee and served as the Deputy Superintendent of Banks and Secretary of the Banking Board for New York State under Governor Mario Cuomo.

Op-Ed: You, Too, Can Help Make a Shidduch

Making a shidduch is an incredible zechus. Something many people in our community strive to achieve. Making suggestions has become infinitely more accessible in the age of social media if only people would get past some basic misconceptions.

Op-Ed: A New Low For Our Great Country

Sadly, after the events that took place in Washington yesterday, our great country reached a new low. Opinion author Dovid Goldbaum faces the reality of what occurred in the second impeachment of President Donald Trump, and how the same can happen against the Jewish people.