Op-Ed: A New (Old) Kind of Shlichus

With Shlichus becoming increasingly hard to find, a Lubavitcher attempts to address the troubling issue that many young couples find themselves in, waiting and waiting without a parnassa. He offers an alternative perspective on the matter, and a potential solution.

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Op-Ed: The Music is Too Loud

Dr. Levi A. Reiter is an Audiologist, (hearing Doctor), wrote this Op-Ed taking on something spoken about on private chats and mothers groups. The music by our Simchas is just simply too loud.

Op-Ed: A Bigger Problem Than Vaccines

A CrownHeights.info reader submitted this Opinion Editorial attempting to frame the vaccination argument into a different lights. He attempts to take a step back, and look at our reactions to the entire argument.

Op-Ed: “Measles is Just a Rash, They said”

A Physician Assistant in Williamsburg, which was hard hit with the Measles outbreak, penned an Op-Ed on the vaccination that can protect against the measles. This Op Ed was written for the educated, uneducated, and supposedly educated parents of the Crown Heights Jewish community.

Op Ed: Why Don’t All Families Have a Lot of Kids?

In the hustle of modern life, families have shrunk, and fewer children born. Many say that it is for the better, as who can handle so many? Aliza bas Menachem takes on this myth in this Op Ed, titled “Why Don’t All Families Have a Lot of Kids?”

Op-Ed: Define Shlichus

So what is Shlichus? Do I need to go far away to be on Shlichus? And if I don’t does that make me less of a Chosid? A young man tackles what is perhaps the most needed discussion in Lubavitch today.

Op-Ed: Elections for NYC Public Advocate

Yosef Hershkop, is a resident of and political writer for the Crown Heights Community. He brings into view the upcoming special election for NYC Public Advocate, writing an opinion on the candidates and who to vote for.

Op-Ed: Justice, Why we as a Community Should Care

Yosef Hershkop is a young member of the Crown Heights community, who has seen the ignorance and apathy of our community in regards to political and governing concepts. In an attempt to educate the members of our community, he penned the following Op-Ed on an important bill that effects us all.