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Op-Ed: COVID Weddings

A Crown Heights mother of 4, daughter, wife, and sister brings the ongoing phenomenon of COVID weddings into perspective, weighing the pros and cons of holding one, and how they are held.

Op-Ed: A Public Plea For Help

A group of parents that have a child that is engaged to get married or has already gotten married, found themselves stonewalled by a Crown Heights Wedding Hall, and have turned to the community with a plea for help.

Op-Ed: Following the True Leader

Dovid Greenwald, a Lubavitcher and Law Student, takes to task another difficult part of this Coronavirus pandemic, hypocrites. Those that dictate the rules, abut seem unable to follow them themselves.

Op-Ed: A Personal Experience with a Mashpia

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, a Shliach in North Palm Beach Florida. stumbled into a problem he believes is causing disillusionment and disenchantment with the leaders in our community. Shocked, he penned the following Op-Ed to the community.