Op-Ed: Every Life Matters

You want to know what it means that lives matter? A Crown Heights resident explain what that really looks like using the actions of the Crown Heights Jewish community over the past few months as a guide.

Op-Ed: A Bummer of a Summer?

Zvi Gluck is the CEO of Amudim, an organization dedicated to helping abuse victims and those suffering with addiction and mental health issues within the Jewish community. He penned the following Op-Ed after the disappointing news that this years summer would be without overnight camps.

Op-Ed: Face Masks? Here Are Some Reasons Why

A proud Crown Heights resident grapples with a troubling trend that can be seen on the streets of Crown Heights. Despite the order for all New York City residents to wear a face mask when not social distancing, more than a few Crown Heights residents are not. Here are the arguments for and against.

Op-Ed: A letter To The Mayor

A Crown Heights resident, astounded at the complete disconnect between the Mayor of New York City and the reality in it, wrote an letter to Mr. de Blasio, regarding plans to defund the police, and where to start.

Op-Ed: COVID Weddings

A Crown Heights mother of 4, daughter, wife, and sister brings the ongoing phenomenon of COVID weddings into perspective, weighing the pros and cons of holding one, and how they are held.

Op-Ed: A Public Plea For Help

A group of parents that have a child that is engaged to get married or has already gotten married, found themselves stonewalled by a Crown Heights Wedding Hall, and have turned to the community with a plea for help.