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Op-Ed: A Personal Experience with a Mashpia

Rabbi Shlomo Ezagui, a Shliach in North Palm Beach Florida. stumbled into a problem he believes is causing disillusionment and disenchantment with the leaders in our community. Shocked, he penned the following Op-Ed to the community.

Op-Ed: In Response, A Thankless Job Indeed

The following Op-Ed was submitted in response to a letter posted on from a Bais Rivkah Parent, praising Bais Rivkah’s Board of Directors. The writer of the Op-Ed reframes events, and paints a different picture of the school.

Op-Ed: A New (Old) Kind of Shlichus

With Shlichus becoming increasingly hard to find, a Lubavitcher attempts to address the troubling issue that many young couples find themselves in, waiting and waiting without a parnassa. He offers an alternative perspective on the matter, and a potential solution.

Op-Ed: The Music is Too Loud

Dr. Levi A. Reiter is an Audiologist, (hearing Doctor), wrote this Op-Ed taking on something spoken about on private chats and mothers groups. The music by our Simchas is just simply too loud.