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Worshippers in North Tel Aviv Not Deterred by Yom Kippur Protest

Chabad’s outdoor Yom Kippur service has been a welcome and unifying tradition in North Tel Aviv. This year, unfortunately, the beautiful event was marred when the worshippers—who draw from all religious backgrounds—were interrupted in their prayers by a group of noisy protesters objecting to the mechitza at the site.

Mayor Adams Gives New Yorkers Ability To Use City-Funded Rental Assistance Vouchers Across New York State

While New York City continues to face a serious housing shortage with a record-high shelter population totaling more than 113,000 individuals in the city’s care, CityFHEPS voucher holders will now be able to utilize their voucher to obtain permanent, affordable housing not only within New York City but also in any county or locality across New York State.

Excuse Me, Are You Jewish?: The Lulav Campaign Turns 70

In September of 1953, the Rebbe’s chief secretary, Rabbi Chaim Mordechai Aizik Hodakov, summoned two yeshivah students into his office with a new directive from the Rebbe. “He told us that we should arrange that on Sukkot, we should go out into the streets with a lulav and etrog and also gather children in the Sukkah, and help them make the blessing on the etrog … ”