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Historic Conference in Morocco Draws Rabbis From Africa, Middle East, Europe

The great sage, philosopher and physician, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, better known as Maimonides, lived in Fez, Morocco, after being exiled from Spain following the Almohad conquest of Cordoba in 1148. Rabbis returned to the city as part of a historic rabbinic conference in Casablanca this week, possibly the largest gathering of rabbinic leaders in Fez since Maimonides’ times

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Shluchim from across Europe, Africa and the Middle East stood for a group photo in Casablanca, Morocco, where they are being hosted at a regional Kinus Hashluchim. The countries represented include Angola, Bulgaria, Canada, The Canaried Islands, Congo, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Ghana, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, Rwanda, Serbia, Slovakia, Uganda, The United Arab Emirates, and Zambia.