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BESHT: Insights in Tanya

Rabbi Dovid Leib Grossbaum was sent on bochurim shlichus to Miami Beach Yeshiva Gedola in years 1974-1976. He later went on Shlichus as a kollel yungerman to be part of new Kollel in Melbourne Australia in 1979. He was also a Meishiv in Smicha program in Melbourne Smicha in years 1997-2007 and most recently a Meishiv Yoreh Deah in 770 for 5 years 2012-2017.

How a Jewish Woman in Florida Learned to Be Free in Prison

On her first day in the South Florida correctional facility in 2022, Sara remembers thinking to herself, “welcome to the jungle.” As a naturally quiet and private person, it was hard for her to adjust to the chaos of jail life. And yet, she says, in a place of such darkness and isolation, she discovered through a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi a deeper light that carried her through imprisonment.