Fascinating FBI Files On The Rebbe Come To Light

by CrownHeights.info

The life of the Rebbe has been written, rewritten, then rewritten again many times over as new information, stories, and accounts have come to light.

Today we got the slightest snippet of another glimpse into the Rebbe with the revelation of some bare FBI files declassified some time ago.

Twitter handle @rmneiss published just a handful of images Friday, copies of these files of which he claims there are many more.

“I’ve been trying to get Rabbi Manachem Schneerson’s FBI file released from the bureau for some time now,” @rmneiss wrote. “They’ve been slow to release anything, but I got a few documents out today and they shed some interesting light on how the FBI saw Chabad in the 1970’s.”

The fascinating files include some basic information on the Rebbe’s life, those who came to visit from the USSR, and even some information on the organizations working out of 770.

Hopefully, there is much more to come.


  • Yossi

    I read the files, they are very uninteresting and contain nothing that is unknown. It basically says that chassidim or Russian origin visit the Rebbe and have no inappropriate intentions for their visits. Yasher koach.

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