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SATIRE: Purim Preparation Checklist

We all have a great time preparing for Purim, but we apparently keep forgetting the notes we painstakingly write after each year’s hard lessons. To help the masses, we present a compiled list to help you make sure you did not forget anything on your list.

Lubavitch Children’s Center in London Wins Prestigious Award

With the mayor of London’s highest stamp of approval, the Lubavitch Children’s Centre in the Stamford Hill area was recently recognized for its achievements in promoting children’s health, well-being and development.

Video of the Day

Sometimes, you just need a good practical joke to bring up your spirits. In the spirit of Adar and in preparation for Purim, Bochurim filled the 749 Mikvah in Crown Heights with 600 rubber ducks, the perfect extra ingredient for a relaxing morning dip.