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34th Yartzeit of Dr. A Seligson OBM: The Rebbe’s Physician

Chof Hey Shvat marked the 34th Yahrtzeit of Dr. Avrohom Abba Seligson, who was known as the Rebbes physician. Dr. Seligson was born in Cracow, Poland and is a fourth generation descendent of the Alter Rebbe. In honor of his Yohrtzeit we are publishing a brief biography along with a collection of precious stories about him and the Rebbe.

Picture of the Day

Schneur Zalman Hakohen is still in the hospital after a horrific crash sent the van he was traveling in tumbling into a ditch on the side of the road. Undeterred by the challenges that life throws, those with him knew exactly what to do with his Jewish nurse, putting on teffilin right there in the hospital room.