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Weekly Story: Chanukah Live

I heard the following story at a farbrengen from Rabbi Moshe Bogomilsky sheyichye, and it occurred with his son Tzvi. I thank him for sharing it with me and once again repeat my request to those who know of encounters with the Rebbe to please share them with me so that I can publicize them.

The Rise of the Public Art Menorah, 15-Foot-Tall Menorah and Lighting Unveiled at the Ice Rink at the Seaport

On the streets of the “Greatest City on Earth,” and in countless cities across the globe, it is the public menorah which many have come to look to, to set the tone and the spirit of the holiday season. And this year’s “new light” will be a shining public art menorah installation commissioned by The Howard Hughes Corporation for the Seaport, a historic waterfront neighborhood in Lower Manhattan.