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Eber’s Tishrei Wine Sale

Eber’s Annual Tishrei Wine & Liquor Sale is Back!

The In-Store, Cash & Carry Sale puts prices from 15% to 50% off your favorite wines and choice liquors.

All sale items are by the case unless stated otherwise. While Supplies Last.

To See The Full List of Sale Items: Click Here

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Picture of the Day

In 1949 Viktor Abakumov, the Soviet Union’s Minister of State Security, received a message reporting that the Frierdiker Rebbe had established an anti-Soviet Center in New York City. The message, sent by KGB agents operating in New York, stated: “The American espionage system established an anti-Soviet center in New York under the cover of a Rabbinic training school, and it is headed by the Jewish tzaddik Schneersohn, who was deported from the USSR in 1928.”