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In Israel, Oldest Charity Assists Tens of Thousands of Ukraine Refugees

For most of its 300-year history, Colel Chabad, the oldest charity in the Holy Land, has served Jewish refugees, immigrants and the displaced from around the world. Even so, the current influx of tens of thousands of refugees from Ukraine—in its suddenness, its size and its demographics—is different than anything Colel Chabad has ever had to deal with for many reasons.

8:00pm: Should We Be Taking Sides in This War?

The topics in this week’s 394th episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: What Can Purim Teach Us About the War in Ukraine Today? Is It a Sign That Moshiach Is Coming When Nations Are at War? Are There Similarities Between the Jews in Persia and Ukraine? What Did the Rebbe Say in 1983 About Nations in Conflict? How Are We to See These Events in Context of the Rebbe’s Words Over 30 Years Ago About the Bloodless Fall of the Soviet Union? Letter From Kharkiv: How Can We Increase in Joy During the Month of Adar With a War Raging in Our City? Should We Be Taking Sides in This War? Should We Be Pacifying or Fighting the Aggressor? Are Ukrainians Being Punished for Their Crimes?

CKids Shabbaton Takes Group Photo

The CKids Shabbaton brought hundreds of Jewish children together for an inspiring weekend of trips, singing, meals, and friendship, culminating with the grand JewQ International Championships. A grand photo was taken with all participants.