How Could A Glass Break At Our Wedding?

Before last night, this article was going to offer a glimpse into the Shabbos of a Hatzalah family. Now, as tears stream down our cheeks as we mourn our brothers in Meron, We ask that you help Hatzalah help us build an unbreakable future.

Weekly Dvar Torah: We Have An Inner Vault

In his weekly letter, Rabbi Zalmen Wishedski faces the tragedy that took place in Meron last night, and how we may not have the answers to some of the most difficult questions that plague us, yet it is our inner strength and connection with Hashem that preserves us.

Shazak Parsha Post – Parshas Emor

Unknown Stranger Brought to Rest, Cute Kid Creates Kiddush HaShem, New Holiday Calendar Announced, Public Service Announcement, Cairo Kosher Mart Jam Packed!, and Ads. Shazak has released their weekly “Parsha Post For Parshas Emor”, and has made it available for all here on

Picture of the Day

Then and Now photos are all the rage, and this one is the perfect chabad one. In the top photo, a group of Cteen campers can be seen, while the bottom shows some from the same group seven years later as they reunited at a chasuna.