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Obituary: Myriam Bentolila, 52, Elegant and Unsung Rebbetzin of the Congo

Long before she got married in the summer of 1989, Myriam Bentolila knew that she wanted to serve as a Chabad-Lubavitch emissary. SHe achieved her goal and passed away after a lengthy illness on April 1st (the eve of 20 Nissan) at the age of 52.

The Official 2nd Hatzalah-Thon Promo Is Here

After an epic first year successfully fundraising more than $15,000,000, the Hatzalah-Thon is back for a second time. This time, the fundraiser will be a Week Of Support for the selfless volunteers and dedicated members of this life-saving organization. Watch the Promo video for this amazing campaign.