Weekly Letter: The Relevance of the Mishkan

In these parshios that summarize and enumerate the vessels of the Mishkan and their assembling by Moshe (Shabbos chazak) – we share a letter where the Rebbe brings a teaching of the Frierdiker Rebbe who explains the relevance of the mishkan to each of us in our every day lives.

Friendship Circle Written Word Contest

As a follow up to a Friendship Circle volunteer workshop they attended back in February, a written word contest was launched for volunteers to pen their thoughts about their Friendship Circle volunteering experience. Now, the winners of the contest have been chosen.

March 14th in NYC, A Day of Remembrance For Those Lost

This year, March 14th will be a day of remembrance in New York City, as we honor the many New Yorkers who passed away during the pandemic. The New York City Mayor’s Office will be hosting an official memorial event on this day, and will include a memorial with photos and names of those lost.