DA of Brooklyn Inspires Jewish Law Students

On February 3, 2021, over 45 students and legal professionals found out in a private zoom lecture organized by the Chabad Law Students. Attendees included Jewish students at Brooklyn Law School, the Jewish Law Student Association (JLSA) at New York Law School, and other legal professionals in the Brooklyn area.

Another Foot of Snow on the Way for NYC Thursday?

New York City and areas of northern New Jersey became an epicenter for heavy snowfall in February, and that pattern doesn’t appear like it will break any time soon as the displaced polar vortex will keep sending bitterly cold Arctic air southward across the United States. A stormy corridor will set up across the Midwest and Northeast this week and beyond, creating more opportunities for snow from Chicago to the Big Apple.

Hope for Heroes in Rostov

Golda* was a toddler when peasants beat her parents during a pogrom in Rostov, Russia. A few years later she watched as Nazis rounded up and murdered 27,000 of the city’s Jews over the course of two days. After her miraculous survival, she returned to live in the city of her birth. Once a beloved member of the Chabad Seniors Club and a cheerful regular at the soup kitchen, 84-year-old Golda is now confined by pandemic regulations to her dingy, one-room, fourth-floor.