Porch Pirate of the Day

Yellow hoodie, check. White sneakers, check. Stealing packages, check. Looks like this guy got away and will face no consequences after shamelessly stealing packages off a Carroll Street porch in Crown Heights. According to the victim, this man repeatedly comes back and steals packages from the home.

Weekly Story: With Joy and Happiness

I heard this week that once a chossid wrote to the Rebbe he is asking [for a] brocha that he gives nachas to the Rebbe and that he should do it with joy and happiness. The Rebbe’s answer teaches us how to be connected with the Rebbe.

Shazak Parsha Post – Parshas Yisro

Midyan Priest Converting?! To Judaism?!, Quest for Torah Keepers Ends, Catastrophic Calamity Calmed, and Spot-Saver Solutions. Shazak has released their weekly “Parsha Post For Parshas Yisro”, and has made it available for all here on CrownHeights.info.