Man Shot In Crown Heights Dispute

A man was shot in the hand Sunday afternoon in what is believed to be a dispute. The suspect in the shooting fled the scene according to reports, while the victim received a non life threatening graze injury to his hand.

CHAI LIFELINE: Going Through It, Growing Through It – The Challenge of Being a Yeshiva Student Stranded at Home

Chai Lifeline presents “Going Through It, Growing Through It: Torah Perspectives and Mindful Coping in the Age of COVID-19,” a new lecture series offering divrei chizuk, psychological, and practical guidance during the current health crisis. The series will include video and audio recordings of renowned rabbanim, speakers, and mental health experts, as well as members of Chai Lifeline’s crisis intervention team, Project Chai.

Ellenville Chabad Looks To Renovate Local Mikvah

Ellenville’s Jewish community has a long history, and the local shul, now run by Chabad, was founded in 1907. Now, with the Ellenville Jewish community again expanding, the old Mikvah is in urgent need of a complete remodel to bring it up to modern standards.

8:00pm: How Do You Explain Different Examples of Racism in the Torah?

The topics in this week’s 313rd episode of the highly acclaimed MyLife: Chassidus Applied series, with Rabbi Simon Jacobson, will include: How Do You Explain Different Examples of Racism in the Torah? What Is Our Attitude to Racism? With All the Unrest, Should We Consider Moving to Israel? Is Dark Skin Color a Result of a Punishment? Why Do We Make a Blessing Boruch Meshaneh Ha’Briyos? Why Did G-d Make People So Different? Did Moses Marry a Black Woman?