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Weekly Letter: A Jewish Woman’s Role in Disseminating Yiddishkeit

It was customary for the Rebbe to speak to a gathering of women and girls this time of year in 770 – on the occasion of the Neshei Chabad Women’s convention as well as for the end of year graduation and preparation for the summer. We share with you during these weeks letters to and about women. In this week’s letter the Rebbe addresses the question of the women’s role in disseminating Yiddishkeit and of women learning – as well as of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s efforts in promoting this. 

Global Virtual Live Event Planned for Gimmel Tammuz

As most countries are still observing at least partial lockdowns, this Sunday, 95 shluchim, rabbonim, and community leaders from across five continents joined a virtual meeting held by Vaad Or Vechom Hiskashrus, to discuss an unprecedented undertaking for Gimmel Tammiz.

Video of the Day

You know you political career is not doing so well when this happens. A New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio attempted to address a Black Lives Matter crowd, he got a solid wall of boos, and a crowd that turned their backs on him.

Here’s My Story: The Very, Very Good Idea

Rabbi Avrohom Flint worked for twenty years for the Jewish Community Council of Crown Heights, and for another twenty for the New York City Department of Finance. He is presently retired and living in Brooklyn. He was interviewed in his home in May of 2019.