Op-Ed: COVID Weddings

A Crown Heights mother of 4, daughter, wife, and sister brings the ongoing phenomenon of COVID weddings into perspective, weighing the pros and cons of holding one, and how they are held.

Video of the Day

“If it’s not bolted down, they’ll steal it.” It’s a sad story, but a reality in Crown Heights. A young boy found this out after leaving his bike unattended outside the Kol Tuv Supermarket Thursday. The thief made off with the bike, but later dumped it after Shomrim volunteers tracked him down. The bike was recovered, and returned to its owner.

Gan Yisroel Montreal Closed For The Summer

Camp Gan Yisroel Montreal, one of the major Lubavitch overnight camps focused on the children of anash, will not be opening for the 5780/2020 summer season. The decision was announced by the premier of Quebec, François Legault on Thursday.