Seder Negunim For Moshiach Seudah

As this year everyone will be making the Moshiach Seudah in their home, we present a list of all the negunim to be sung in order, along with audio for those who wish to refresh before Yom Tov.

Weekly Story: Moshiach’s Seudah

Being that we will be celebrating Moshiach’s seudah on the 8th day of Pesach in our homes, with our family, I decided to post some of the background about it, as well as a few questions and answers that the Rebbe explained.

Campaign for a Speedy Recovery of JNet’s Director

JNet’s Director, Rabbi Yehuda (Yudi) Dukes, is battling life-threatening effects of COVID-19 right now. He desperately needs our prayers and Mitzvos – good deeds. Please select a good resolution to take on, in the form of TORAH STUDY, PRAYER or any MITZVAH, in honor of his immediate and complete and recovery.