Community Warning: Stop Rapid Testing For COVID-19 Immunity


Physicians from across the frum world have united to spread a strong message regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. Stop COVID-19 rapid testing now!

The reasons behind the strong message stemmed from the unreliability of the test in general, and the fact that despite a “negative” result, you may still be able to contract the virus, or spread it to others.

“As Frum physicians from varied communities, we warn the klal of the dangers of rapid COVID-19 antibody/immunity tests being offered within our neighborhoods, both at home and in medical offices.”

The available tests being used are not FDA approved, and could make a person think that they need not take precautions, possibly ending with tragic results.

Such immunity tests are being developed by different medical institutions, and may be available soon.

The community notice included a full list of participating physicians, including Dr. Eli Rosen MD of Crown Heights. Dr Rosen has been in the forefront of battling the virus within the Crown Heights Jewish community, alongside the Gedaliah Society and Crown Heights Hatzalah.